Friday, June 24, 2011

sweet simplicity....

Artist Mari Andrews work is sweet and simple. Much of her work consist of small scale sculptures installed together on a wall.

Her medium is as simple as and natural materials from lichen and leaves to paper and beads. All gathered through the process of obsessive collection.

To me, her sculptures totally make me think of Louise Bourgeois' drawings particularly the ones chronicled in the book Drawings and Observations. They have the same simplicity and rawness of line.

In addition it seems Mari is also attracted to the form and shape of the web. Perhaps she is more drawn to it as an object then a metaphor. But much like LB, Mari is inspired by the fragility in life.

Her statement says:

Time spent gathering, cleaning and storing of collected objects, whether they are man-made or natural, allows for a kind of wonder and intimacy with each object. This gleaned information is crucial while combining materials to make new, hybrid forms.

Structures of all kinds from cellular and mineral to plant and skeletal, inform the work. The pieces become a collaboration of materials and intention, with the materials often altering my concept and practice of working. Various temporal and delicate objects I elect to work with often mirror our human sensitivities and vulnerabilities.

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Sonya Philip said...

Very lovely, thanks for posting her work. Turns out she's local to me here in the SF Bay Area.

Joetta M. said...

glad you liked... I thought it was quite interesting and unique in a way:)