Thursday, June 23, 2011

the mundane given reverence

some interesting work by artist Nicola Ginzel currently on view at Heskin Contemporary in NYC.

an excerpt from her statement:

My work is based on the transformation of random ephemera gathered from the everyday. Through the process of transformation the original meaning of the object changes.

...I combine the old with the new. The hand is evident upon things mass-produced and machine made. Craftsmanship is a byproduct of my meditative and intuitive approach.

The press release states:

...She then embroiders these massed-produced items creating beautiful significant hand-made artworks. Through the process of covering the original meaning, the object then changes completely. The mundane, that served a particular function at one time or another, is given place and reverence, transcending its identity; in essence contrary to Pop Art.

The act of sewing by hand is intimate, meditative and nurturing. It slows down time and creates a quiet space. It is an act that is close and in everyway opposite to the pace and demands of mainstream culture.

Lovely. I will have to try to see the work next week before the exhibit ends.

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