Tuesday, June 28, 2011

triple bummer

Here is a detail of one of the works for my show in August at Assemble Gallery. It is moving along very well, which is good as I have one more embroidery to get done and would like to get another piece done- essentially a rag rug. So we will see if I have bitten off too much.

The show would be a total success if I only hang the "love letters" pieces and the 6 image embroideries but would prefer to have a title piece and the rug installation as it would elevate it to something else. So fingers crossed that I can get it all done. Also fingers crossed that the lil' man takes a long nap so I can get to work.

Sadly, I am no longer going to be at the opening. Plane tickets are outrageous right now and currently we are not in a position to look at our finances lightly so... we decided we could not do it. This is so disappointing as I would have loved to have seen the show, met the community, and the wonderful ladies that run the space. And to make it a triple bummer we were also planning on attending a friend from grad schools wedding and seeing C's parents while we were there. So :(((

But oh well. It means more time for me to work in the studio during August.

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