Monday, June 13, 2011

gushing with cool

If you read Mr X Stitch then you have already seen the very cool illustrative work of German artist Nike Schroeder. But I wanted to make sure no one missed seeing her super cool work. So I thought why not mention her here too.

Her work is very illustrative and has a commercial edge in her composition and the subject matter of her work, mostly attractive young people in groups and crowds.

But her needle work is quite amazing and her use of hanging threads intriguing. I would love to hear her talk about that a little more. Especially since she leaves significantly more threads hanging out the mouth giving the impression of a gushing mouth... Gushing of what I am not sure but there is an interesting physiological affect left by this.

See more of her work here and
go over and read the informative article at the Mr. here.

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