Monday, June 27, 2011

sigh of relief.

Kathryn Swanson's birds de-installed.

Yesterday and a some of today is all about de-installing Play. Normally the de-installation of a show feels like a total bummer as there is all that hard work that has been done and then it disappears. But this de-install feels a little different perhaps for a few reasons; one of which is that all the hard work has been preserved in such a beautiful catalog, or because I know that there will be another show, but I think the biggest reason is ME.

ME meaning over the last year I have curated A LOT and I beyond love it, it is so satisfying and rewarding and wonderful but... with the little babe my time is so valuable and I feel like my own work has been a bit neglected in the process. I have not been able to focus as much on my studio practice as I would like. Even though I have managed to still produce a number of works I feel like the focus is what has been missing. So I am really looking forward to not feeling so spread out mentally and being able to zone in on my process. I am hoping in enables me to push my work further. I also am planning on opening my doors for some studio visits too for some discourse and critique on my work.
The reality is that I need to make, make, make as I have 3 solo show on the next 18 months and a large group show. AKA I need more work.
So when the last package is taped shut later today I will breathe a huge sigh of relief.

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