Wednesday, June 8, 2011

traveling studio...

We are in for a blistering week of heat here in Brooklyn and that means my studio will be an oven as we are flooded with sunlight all day. So I may be doing my work at home or on a blanket in the park perhaps. But I am consistently making progress on the above piece and am really loving the composition.
I like how since the figures are large but the linen is narrow that the bodies are cropped very interestingly. I might have to play more with this more in the future. It has been great to work on these red thread pieces as they have had so much more simplicity than the sleepers pieces but they are also making me excited and invigorated to get back to working on those pieces and all of their 3 dimension...

and I have an exciting new text project in the work I just have to find the right linens to create them on.

I want to get at least one more red thread work done, in addition to finishing the above work, for the exhibit in August and have a few other pieces to work on for that show. Time is of the essence for sure.

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