Friday, June 17, 2011

I swear...

the newest piece made lots of progress yesterday.

I swear I have been working, I swear.
Actually I am surprised as I look back over the week to see how much I have gotten done.

I am trying to have a little bit of a different outlook lately on things... aka less pressure which hopefully translates into less stress more happy. One of the things that my time at the residency at Better Farm did was remind me how much there is to life. Strangely being at a place where I was suppose to be focusing on my art made me realize that I also need to have balance. In other words enjoy time with my son, go outside and breathe, even hang laundry with patience and enjoyment.

and a break through- I had an aha moment and covered the red at the bottom of this piece and am SO much happier with it. See how it use to look here. This is just a fast pin up but I think it is such the right direction. What do you think?

And I am infamous for putting WAY to much pressure on myself and nothing ever being enough. So this week I have been trying to change that. Accepting that the only real time to get work done in when the lil' man is napping and that if my emails do not get answered and my blog does not get written that everything will be ok. And the thing is- it has worked. I have actually gotten a good amount of work done. Even a piece finished. AND I have loved taking focused time to be with my son and myself. So hopefully I can keep a bit of the pressure off we will see.
a sneak peek at my newly finished piece.

Thankfully yesterday was my baby trade day and I got 4 luxurious hours in the studio by myself.

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