Friday, March 16, 2012


I had a really great afternoon in the studio yesterday. T was at the baby trade... normally he is not in the afternoon. But it felt great to have my afternoon energy in the studio.

I had music from my high school era playing loud, aka violent femmes, and got working. I had some breakthroughs on projects I am working on...

and made good progress towards getting my 40 years sleepers piece closer to finished. As I was working on this piece I was also having to figure things out as I was working as far as construction. For a moment I doubted myself thinking how if anyone saw how I put things together they would laugh and then I thought that is ridiculous I am an artist...there is no "right" way. I remember when I worked at a gallery and how wonderfully awesome and hilarious it was to see artists handle and package their work compared to registrars and art handlers. And how at the Blue Chip gallery I worked at when pieces had hand prints on the back of the canvas or obvious marks to the process left over by the artists generally the value jumped up as they were more special and unique.

I recently sold this piece and was worried about shipping it as it has no structure and the structure happens as it gets hung, I worried about this for the collector. But... if it had structure the essence of the piece once hung would be totally different. So I just accepted this as part of the quality of my work that people like and are drawn too. If they wanted structured, framed, and rigid work they would not be collecting mine.

...always learning to accept who you are as a person and artist. It was nice to have a moment of total acceptance in my studio yesterday.

Also read this great review on one of the most interesting shows at fiber philly here.
and first hand accounts of being a mama and artist here. (thanks Jen for sending my way.)

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