Friday, March 9, 2012

those moments.

Where did tomorrow go? It was so beautiful here that my husband, who worked from home yesterday, and I could do nothing all morning but sit on our porch and soak it in. Then I went to UMASS Boston to speak to a class being taught by the incredibly talented and sweet Cat Mazza, of microRevolt fame. It was so nice to be in front of a class room and meet students that are excited about art.
It was also good practice for an upcoming artists talk I have at the end of the month. Things have been really good and busy but I miss my studio time as of late as I have so much "business" to take care of.

With that said, I had an awesome breakthrough in my studio last week while I was tinkering away. I have been struggling with the piece that I made with my parents, that I have decided to title 40 years, and though I loved the embroidery I was not sure how to work out the dimensional part of it. After being SUPER frustrated and sick of it I decided to take the red fabric off the work and let it exist like that for awhile. Then the most wonderful thing happened.
I started to un pin the red fabric and it dropped to the floor. I was like hmmm, I love how it falls to the ground, then I swooped it over a bit and loved how there 2 bodies became almost like one, then I pushed it a little further and LOVED how the rectangular picture frame was broke. I am so excited about this conclusion for the work. I still have to do the actually sewing of it as it is just pinned right now. But what do you think?
I feel relieved as I was really struggling with it and now feel like it is truly the right resolution. I live for these moments int he studio.


MarieE said...

I love the swoop. Why does art have to be rectangular all the time?

By the way- totally agree with your recap on the crane building show- the work felt crowded. Sorry I missed you, but glad I got to see the bed piece in person- I never noticed the text before in the photos.

Jan said...

It brought tears to my eyes. Like a heart. Or, maybe it is the wine I have had tonight. In any case, excellent. Love, Mom