Tuesday, March 13, 2012

artist ramblings...

Yesterday was a lovely morning in which I worked for a good old chunk of time on my newest work. I finally started on my next Sleepers piece and am very excited about the way the body sits on the linen. It is an angle with a ton of funky perspective which always makes things challenging but I think it will make for a wonderful addition to the series.

Working on my porch in the insanely warm March weather made me think fondly of graduate school. On nice days we would all take our work outside and work collectively. I loved that communal way of working, all of us on our own personal projects but contributing and sharing our creative energy. I miss this.
Partially it is an aspect of having my studio in my house now but even in Brooklyn I rarely had that sense of community as I worked even in my building of artists. I really look forward to building up the community of people I have here--- so that more studio visits can occur.

It has been a somewhat strange week for me in the studio. I have had a lot of unexpected and potentially exciting interest in my work. But all of these things are in the space of maybe something or maybe nothing. These are hard moments as an artist, where there is potential for but you are waiting and wondering.

I am also working on a commercial project which is not something I normally do. But this project was to good for me to not do. The challenge with things like this for me is as soon as I "think" too hard about my work the magic disappears and I am finding myself thinking too hard about this project. So I am trying to step back from it and let it be more natural. I am also hoping that some linens that my mom is sending me will create some inspiration.

oh, the day to day wonderful and weird roller coaster of life and artist hood.

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