Friday, March 30, 2012

in mass.

The work of the collaborative team of Miami based Cuban artists Guerra de la Paz blows me away. I love how the approach found clothing as a sculptural tool.

Their work varies from overtly political to much more subtle commentary on the state of the world. They have a solid series of sculptures made from military uniforms. Each one broaching the complexity of the relationships within the military and our perception of them. The above work is titled Martyr.

They utilize clothing, once used to express the individuality of one being, to speak towards issues of our "community" and larger societal issues.

As they work longer together their work definitely strengthens and grows. Initially their work felt much more like it was referencing costume and fashion. Now they are much more in the arena of installation artists. I love the humor and darkness that simultaneously exists in the above work.

I also find the work above about the western business world quite provocative. The 2nd work is tiled Power Ties. Why do we all look at work and money the way we do, where do the relationships we have and the quality of our day to day become more important?

I would love to see some of their work in person. The mass of something so ordinary as clothing always has the ability to be incredibly poetic and powerful.
See more work here.

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Bonnie said...

I believe one of these works is at the Chicago Cultural Center now.