Wednesday, March 21, 2012

see some art...

A few interesting shows around the country to check out are:

Cross Currents at Memphis College of Art featuring Kendall Carter, Orly Cogan, Margaret Evangeline, Mark Newport.

I personally LOVE the gunshot paintings of Margaret Evangeline.

The curatorial statement says this:

This exhibition explores the cultural expectations of gender and shows how these stereotypes are being illuminated in the art setting through choice of subject matter, materials and even actions.

Great contradictions are inherent in these exhibited works since most people customarily
expect the male hero to be muscular and unsympathetically hard and link textiles and the “decorative arts” to the feminine, defined as sweet and soft, while linking rigid surfaces and guns to the masculine.

The works included in Cross Currents delight in their contrariness. They challenge, provoke questions and stimulate discussion about the role men and women play in society, asking who benefits and who suffers from gendered role acceptance.

-Jennifer Sargent

Details here
A recent review here.

A show opening soon in Philly featuring quilting techniques looks like it might be quite good:

Synchronicity at HighWire Gallery

March 30th — April 27th, 2012

details here.

One that I will make sure to see at the Fuller Craft museum is:

Fresh Fiber Revisited: Work by Emerging Textile Artists from RISD, UMASS Dartmouth and MassART.

Seeing what the emerging crowd is doing is the most exciting.
Up until April 22.

Olivia Frassinelli

Details here.

Fiber in the Present Tense
March 1 - April 21, 2012
At the Arsenal Center of the Arts near Boston.
Details here.

Go see art!

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