Thursday, March 15, 2012


Take a walk around the exhibit of Outside/Inside the box at Philadelphia. The artblog features a nice walk through video of the exhibit. Thanks to Tod for sending my way.

See a nice website for the Ohio based group Fiber Forum where they do some very cool collaborative works together. Image above is the portrait/self portrait of Jo Scaife.

Read a review that mentions the work of Emily Barletta.

And DO NOT FORGET to submit your work to my current CALL FOR WORK, small stories. Details here. So fun to see the submissions start to trickle in....


Connie Rose said...

Hi Joetta,
I might be interested in submitting work to Small Stories, if you think my work would be appropriate. Much of my recent work, that which I would submit, is hand stitched/hand quilted eco dyed recycled fabric, and the "story" of the pieces is about the leaf prints on each one. So it's not a domestic-related kind of thing, but more like what the plant material had to say when it left it's print on the fabric.
What do you think? Appropriate for the show, or not?
Thanks much,

Joetta M. said...

Your work could be right for the show as I am looking for many interpretations of the "theme." I will say I am more drawn to the more narrative works you have and like the inclusion of text in your one work.
So I would love to see you submit. of course I never know the direction an exhibit will take until all the submissions are in as my curatorial work is very responsive and I do not look at names as I do it.
Hope you decide to do it.

slkrueg said...

joetta - Didn't realize my Ohio-ness is evident! Somehow it all resulted in your noting our FiberForum group in your blog. Thrilled!