Wednesday, March 28, 2012

nostalgic textiles-contemporary thoughts.

Amy Hougton's work was a stand out in the Philly show Mending=Art. On display was her work Cardigan study.

Amy manages to make incredibly powerful but conceptually simple video installations. From what I can see her way if installation is very thoughtful and considered making the viewers experience even more.

Much of her work is the unraveling or pulling out of clothing. Watching something through stop motion animation be gently pulled apart.

In her statement she says:

Amy Houghton’s practice involves exploring how we use and read antique textiles and photographs as stimuli for nostalgic longing, as indicators of our authenticity and as a tool to search for origin and as a connection to reality. Her particular focus in this area has been in the reading of indexical evidence found in these objects or part objects that are removed from their context, i.e. absent from their owner and without the full knowledge of the objects’ experiences

I found the work on view to be a very contemporary piece of art about a very nostalgic experience. Something that seems difficult to deliver. I very much hope to get to see much more of Amy's work in the future. See more here.

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