Friday, March 23, 2012

working from the self...

I am excited to be teaching a 2 day workshop at the Manhattan Textile Arts Center at the end of April. The workshop style of the class is going to be great as we can really delve into the subject matter of making autobiographical work. Discussing how to do it and the things to be mindful and aware of. Sign up and join me for the weekend of April 28 and 29.

Autobiographical Embroidery

Sat & Sun 11AM - 5PM, April 28 - April 29

Glean from your daily life and environment to create a one of a kind embroidered art work. We will begin by discussing the process and challenges of making personal art. For inspiration we will take some time to look at examples of contemporary fiber artists working in confessional or autobiographical ways.

We will discuss the creative use of diaristic writing and daily life documentation to create your own art while and do some process based writing exercises to open up to our own autobiographical story and language to work. The class will learn traditional stitches and embroidery basics to utilize in our stitched artwork. Students are encouraged to work with found, inherited, or vintage linen as their base. Please bring any personal writing, letters, or text that you find inspiring.

Details and sign up here.

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