Friday, March 23, 2012

head space?

Things have been chugging along in the studio, slowly but steadily. Sometime my head feels like it is going to spin right off my neck as I have so many things going on. But everything I have going on is good so I try to simply feel grateful and utilize my time as well as I can.

But I do feel like I need to finish up some things as I have in the studio: 5 active pieces in the works and 2 shoved in corners forgotten about. It leaves too much to be thinking about at once. So this month I want to tie up a lot of those loose ends and get back to just having 2 pieces going it makes me feel mentally less spread thin.

This afternoon I get a few hours without T and am looking forward to some focused time stitching with the windows open and the radio on.

Here is a recent review of fiber philly which mentions my work and...
a nice review about my text work here. I always like when my text work get some love as to me it is just as powerful and important but sometimes gets lost behind the imagery of the narrative portraits. This review confirmed its importance for my practice- along with another potentially exciting development towards my language work too.

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