Monday, February 18, 2013

Artistic Soul Mates- notes from the intern

Every so often, I stumble upon an artist that compels me to get lost in their work. It is like getting a song stuck in my head - all I want to do is look at images of their work, read about them, know what inspires them. Sometimes I ponder what it is like to be a thought in their mind, flowing through their body, through their hands, and into their work. What a magical experience that would be.

I recently stumbled upon artist, Alice Pasquini. Her work jumped off the screen and into my mind like a bug. I spent the day visiting and revisiting my iPad just to look at images of her art. 

In her  bio, she shares that she strives to demonstrate the small moments between people and their connections to one another. No wonder I became so enthralled with her work. To me, looking at one of her paintings is like connecting to a stranger- beautiful and simple, yet it leaves a lasting impression on your soul.

Perhaps the most alluring component to Alice’s work is that she strives to portray strong and independent women. Pairing that aspect with the fact that her prefered canvases are city walls, finding her work was like finding an artistic soul mate. 

Isn’t it an inspiring concept that a woman, living halfway across the world, can create a work of art that makes its way into a camera, onto a computer, through the internet, onto my iPad, and into my heart? And yet despite the vast distance between us, her work inspires my work, which will hopefully inspire someone else. What a magnificent thing.


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