Tuesday, February 5, 2013


This is a piece I made a few years ago for a specific exhibit that I was invited to in NYC.  (It actually has some watercolor added to it too.)  I have never exhibited it again and thought I really love the piece have always felt that it did not fit in with the rest of my work.  But after a recent, as in this morning, conversation the word surrender entered my mind and I thought of this piece. I suddenly  wanted to make a giant piece of the body surrendering into the "float" being supported but soft. (like savasana)

It is funny my work, for a long time has been a lot about loving and accepting the imperfect-  in fact I am finishing up a text piece, it is actually quite old, that is exactly about that.  But with the Sleepers series and the "space between" and even the forthcoming piles maybe it is becoming and needs to be more about surrender.  The piles in many ways is about my surrender to the attempt to keep an orderly clean house with a child, aka not possible, so I have just accepted, do the best I can, and find inspiration in all those piles.  Sleep is surrender. 

My text work has not caught up with the image work though.  Perhaps that work can explore the language of surrender... I will admit I have a VERY hard time surrendering. I am not comfortable with others knowing my vulnerabilities and that is very much a surrender.  But doesn't the word just sound good?  It wraps itself around you and makes you want to let yourself just go soft. Surrender.


Judy Martin said...

A beautiful honest post.

and what a beautiful image at the top.

Keep on keeping on.

Joetta M. said...

thank you:)