Wednesday, February 27, 2013

life stuff...

Ack, my life is nuts. There are so many great things that I have never shared with you because finding the time to sit down and write here on this blog just seems to become harder and harder.  In truth not necessarily a ton of artists to write about as my brain temporarily cannot seem to take in any more inspiration beside the fact that I have 22 artists to glean inspiration from because of the show.

But I have had some great teaching moments, sharing moments and making moments that never made it here.  So I am hoping to play a little bit of catch up over the next few weeks but either way my brain is spinning with ideas and my fingers are moving with words.

--I am almost, almost done with the pile piece I have been working on for, what seems to be FOREVER, and am really looking forward to pushing that series forward.

--I have been thinking a lot about the large word works I have done in the past. Mainly because galleries and collectors always have a huge amount of interest in them but at this point I have none left to share or sell.  And finally I came up with an idea for a series that I am excited about. I can see it all in a gallery together and love it. Funny it is actually inspired by peoples tattoos. More on that later.

--I am writing another awesome article on an awesome artist which is always fun challenging, exciting and hard.

and a million other little things like trying to have time and energy for the most adorable little T in the world and trying to have love and patience for the most handsome and complicated C.

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