Friday, February 15, 2013

changing standards

Yesterday I was hoping would be a constructive get stuff done day. And it sort of was and sort of was TOTALLY not. The day got off to a very slow start for multiple reasons. I finally got into my studio knowing that my number one must do was to get some work packaged and shipped to NYC. So I pulled out an older piece that they had requested and...

one it was not the piece that I thought it was. (I thought is was this one but all still worked out.)

two my standards as an artist have changed, changed, changed-  I looked at the piece and was simply like "oh my I cannot ship this as is."  I ended up unexpectedly spending the next 4 hours repairing and tweaking the work to meet my new standards.

I was actually really confused as to why I did not do it the way I was now the first time around, but I guess that just shows how much I have grown technically as an artist.  So it was a good thing- but a way of loosing 4 hours that I was not prepared for.

And then I went to UPS, I hate UPS.  Did I say I hate UPS. So that was my Valentines. But I do have a big date tonight.

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