Monday, December 31, 2007

Home, Sweet, Sweet, Home...

Sorry, I have been away from the computer...But now I am home and ready to get back on track.
Holidays were lovely but I feel like all I did was sit on my butt and eat.
So no more butt sitting and no more cookies for a year (ha, ha)
I go lots of lovely things including some really beautiful vintage doilies and a GREAT bag.
New Year here we come!!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Wow! Look at that gingerbread!

So here in Asheville they have this super swanky hotel called Grove Park and they have the MOST amazing gingerbread house competition...We saw the real thing but here is the link to the pictures.  They are 100% edible.

Little Birds

I got my mom some super adorable little finches for Christmas.
They apparently love Charlies Brown Christmas music...they are peepin up a storm!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Tiny theaters

A pretty cool site with teenie, tiny theaters!!!

Drive, Drive, Drive....Arrive

C and I drove to my folks in the car!
I have not seen that many cows in ages!!! They were everywhere.
I also have not seen so many creepy people at rest stops in ages...but then again I do not frequent rest stops much.
But alas we have arrived in the Blue Ridge mountains...which actually appear blue as a result of the chemical compound the pine trees learns something new everyday.
So... here is the view from their porch, though its overcast I could still handle this few for a few days instead of my highway NYC view.
Happy Traveling for the Holidays!

Friday, December 21, 2007

By the fire...

Is it christmas yet...
I am ready to be sitting by the fire drinking wine and cocoa at my parents house in the mountains...cookies fresh out of the oven and love all around.
Too bad...
I have 
watering plants
getting kitties ready
to do!!!!!!!!!

Pretty shrinky-dinks

Some pretty lovely necklaces that look like high end shrinkie dinks???

Little People

A fun blog by a guy who places little people sculptures across London and makes pretty awesome photographs with them.

300 love letters

Artist Asia Wong has this amazing site that has some interesting collections on of which is her 300 love letters collection, letters she has written to "loves."  If you are like me and love to peek into others lives  and minds it is quite fabulous.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Louise, Louise, I love you Louise!

I re-saw a small show of Louise Bourgeois  hand-made book Hours of the Day at the project room in Chelsea and in reminded me of a book I have that is made of many of her embroideries...
it is amazingly beautiful and is just called LB.
Here are some images to inspire you too.

Disappointing Art!

So Chelsea Sucked!!!
Very Boring and mainstream stuff.
However, the Charles Ray sculptures at the Matthew Marks Gallery are worth all the press they have been getting.
The space is huge and only 3 sculptures are placed in it and it is beautifully powerful.
Unfortunately, the best piece is never photographed...
It is a to size chicken egg with a perfectly formed baby chick hatching out it is technically beautiful and in its tininess and whiteness a powerful comment on life.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Secretly I want to be here...


I am spending much time on this blog...I have added links to some of my favorite places and things and it will grow!!!!!
Mainly I am just avoiding my thesis...BURN out.
My fingers are going to fall off from embroidary and my brain is going to fall out from thinking!!!
So as proper avoidance I am going to check out Chelsea today, hopefully to be inspired but you never know.
If we all could have...

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


my website, in case your curious

Show acceptance, Yeah!

I just got accepted into the "international open" at the Woman Made Gallery in Chicago.
If you do not know about is a great gallery with lots of open calls focused on...
obviously art made by woman
These are 2 pieces from current shows they have by
Karen Kuzniar & Kim Jackson


This is my friends blog
It is part of my inspiration to start one of my own and very fabulous...

Friday, December 14, 2007

1, 000 drawings

So we went to the artists space Night of a thousand drawings fundraiser.
Wow, do you have to go early, many of the drawings were already gone...though we went on the early side.
My print h ad already been bought, yeah?
My photo was still there but there were 3 hours still to go so...hopefully it was bought as well.
We got a lovely drawing made by Susan Tolbert.
C and I look at blue birds as a sign of good luck so this piece was just perfect.

decor decor

tree time!

So I finally am posting my lovely christmas decor.
It's not much but it does add to the festive cheer.
I wish I had a porch to decorate but alas in NYC those require you to be a bizillionaire!!! slushed her, nasty...I wish it had been snow.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

So I have not even started shopping.
I do not have any ideas for anyone...excepy maybe my sis.
Hubby????? I always give the good ideas to the Moms and am left with nothing.

Santa needs to give me some ideas.
Speaking of Santa I was reading the published "Dear Santa" letters...
and kids these days are really into bribery...
they tell him how there cookies are this and that and that he just cannot miss out on them, etc., etc.,
Pretty funny.

oh the holidays.
i went to THE Macy's this weekend, it was nothing short of insane.
I also went to the amazing CRAFTACULAR, you cannot go know but...
Bust Magazine (th sponser) has alot of links and such to the artists.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Pricked, awesome embroidary

Amazing show and in general always amazing shows.
MAD, The Museum of Arts and Design.
It is across the street from a little museum known as the MOMA.
They have shows relating to contemporary use of craft.
This show PRICKED is pretty great...Last show was even better.
They also have fun workshops and good lectures.

fabulous gallery

Ok if you have never been to this site it is the best.
You can spend much time enjoying the spoils.
The bad thing is that most of the spoils are already sold.
They also have a great selection of links!!!


Feeling much better.
It is like you are reborn after being sick.
You breathe with ease, your head does not ache.
We take breathing so much for granted.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

woops, i meant to say sites like this. the perfedct answer for a lonely or sad day.

and here is a picture of my cutest friend, my adorable lovable cat, in bed.

colds, snow, and stress

so, i have been sick. Lame.
especially lame since i am far away from my loved ones.
i am in mass. and my cats and hubby are in nyc. Lame as well.
why is it then when you are sick you miss the people you love the most.
i am having withdraw symptoms...
did i forget to remind that i still have no phone so i cannot get even the
hug from the voice.
i cannot wait to be home, put my tree up, gets hugs from kitties, and love from hubby.

these are the times you need site like this...

Saturday, December 1, 2007

ok, so i am finally doing it. Starting a blog.
everybody has been telling me to do it. So here goes.

I am all alone this week. No Hubby ( aka C).
And I left my phone in nyc so I cannot even call him or my mom for company.

I would think it would be easier to be by myself for 5 days.
Let me tell you it sucks.
I cannot wait to be done with my thesis so I am in the city full time and say goodbye to this lonely little
apartment with no furniture in massachusetts for good.

So here is the lowdown. I am an artist, I am in my last year of graduate school.
I live 3 days a week where I go to school in Massachusetts and live the rest of the time in Brooklyn with my husband, he is a cutie, and the most adorable fabulous 3 cats in the world, and a fish. I would rather be in Brooklyn pretty much all the time but alas I must finish what I started.

These are some images of my studio earlier this week.
But it is already old news. I have rearranged everything and will have to update.
I am trying to figure out how to group stuff so....I rearrange always.