Thursday, May 29, 2014

preparing mode.

Overwhelmed, exhausted, not looking at art, always thinking about art, making it when I can.  My studio looks like a tornado, my house looks like a pig pen, my relationship looks like a train wreck, my son looks like an angel.


These images are beautiful piles of be preparing for next week teaching for 4 days in the New Hampshire woods. Going to be good.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


I am so overwhelmed in getting everything ready and keeping up with my work and mama schedule here at home. But I am so, so excited and looking forward to being a teacher at Squam Art Workshops  in just one week. What the!!!!

I am frantically getting kits together, inspiration together, and making sure I don't forget something obvious, Which I am sure I will. But I am so excited from the images here (found via their website) I may not know what to expect but I do know to expect magic.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

mama house

more inspiration to start a photography blog about mama hood, house hood, attempting to be a partner hood.... That is my long term summer project.  I am thinking of good names now.

a mess.

my life is a mess, my studio is a mess, I am a mess.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

minimal woven works

Super rad woven and painted work by Samantha Bittman that I saw in NYC. Really going to the opening was an excuse to see this super awesome and wonderful lady. But the great art was a nice bonus.

See more here.


I am so struggling with being focused today on a much needed studio day. my hand, eyes and mind are oh so distracted... even though my studio is perfectly sunny and warm out on my porch today.

I am really hauling on this piece finally and feel like the end is in site- which is oh so exciting.  But I am also terrified of the what's next and still feeling a little need to shake it up in the studio. I still have one toy and one pile piece to still finish so I suppose I will jump into those. Also still working on my papercut out "mending" work and have an idea for a text drawing. But am feeling a little dull in the studio, 

I am hoping to get into the darkroom and do some prints this summer so maybe that is what I need. There is nothing like seeing a gorgeous fresh c-print come out of a processor.

Also playing with the idea of a photo a day style blog about mama and house hood.  hmmm.

So though unfocused still plenty of ideas-that's good!

Monday, May 19, 2014

the egg....the womb...

I am totally being inspired by this mama-hood inspired artist's blog... The egg, the womb, the head and the moon is an online, interdisciplinary, collaborative arts project that that will last for  nine months (42 weeks)–a time frame that purposefully mirrors that of the duration of pregnancy. The site contains moving and powerful art and texts by artists, performers, photographers, academics and poets exploring a diverse range of subjects about the maternal.

still from a film by Adele Myers. 

 work by Amy Dignam

worky by Paula Chambers  

so, so many inspiring things there. I have only scratched the surface and I am going wild with inspiration and love.

Friday, May 16, 2014

words fell got lost - fingers started

slow progress made on the above works.
I had big plans for a big post this morning about nyc my workshop the art etc... and as I was walking this morning words, thoughts and sharing were falling out of my mind. Computer issues slowed that down so I started to work in my studio (the first studio day in 3 weeks!!!) and now my mouth and mind are closed and my fingers are making so...words for next time.

a studio image from some of the negatives that I have been shooting.

Monday, May 5, 2014

lasy chance to sign up...

for my workshop this weekend at the Textile Arts Center in Brooklyn. check out the write up about me and the class here.  Then go sign up. If you cannot make it then spread the word.

nyc takin my time.


sorry my life has been oh so busy and frenetic. Last week I went to nyc to teach the first part of my NYU workshop and this week I go back for the critique. So my weeks have been so full trying to fit in my work schedule, studio, mama hood.

To top it off it is the end of the semester and I am so behind grading my students work. it was T's birthday, oh my god he is four, my parents were in town and work has been CRAZY. 

So forgive me, forgive me... once NY is done and grades are turned in I will be back.
I can tease you with some images from the biennial... it was ok.

I did see the Elinor Carucci show and was so glad to as the work was wonderful in person and the prints make up for any reservations I originally had  with the work.

This week I am going to go to ai wei wei at the Brooklyn Museum and Ghada Amer in Chelsea. Woo-hoo.