Wednesday, November 28, 2012

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Submissions are coming in and they are looking good.  Make sure to get yours in.

Get all the details here.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

what can one man and one iron do?

Prepare to be amazed... watch it now.

don't be sad...


because you forgot to submit your work to Down to Sleep. The deadline is getting oh so close.
So submit all things bed inspired.  The work can be drawings, photos, videos of bedding/beds (fabric) or fabric based work exploring the bed, elements of the bed or emotions of the bed.

Feel free to submit works in process or proposals. The actual show is not until March- the early deadline is due to a print deadline for their calender and events printing. But I am happy to look at works that are not finished or proposed installations etc.

The space is REALLY nice and totally appropriate for large works, they also have a large nice flat screen for video works.

Submit, submit, so you can miss out on being sad that you did not.
All the details here.

more 3 women sewing.

Here are some more photos from my opening, where you can see the other artists lovely work, the packed gallery, the performance and the general fun of a good art outing.

my work.



 Bai Jung Ja's work.

The crowd.

The performance by Annabelle Cazes:

Thanks to the lovely Eunkyung for inviting me.


and I already sold a piece, yeah!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

the question is....

are you my beautiful or my ugly?

3 women...

So admittedly these images suck, but I had only my phone and it was about to die so bare with me, the good news is the gallery had a photograhher document the show and event so as soon as those images are available I will share. But alas these are from my show's opening on Tuesday in New York. It was great.

As you can see from the images the space was lovely and they did a wonderful job hanging all the work. The gallery owners were truly lovely folks.  The gallery was packed and amongst those faces were many friends and art supporters that I was very happy to see, Thank you to you all.

Press release:

Three women present works of sewing, quilting, drawing, and embroidering. These are the ways in which they record their lives, embrace their families, and keep doing what they love.

Bai Jung Ja began quilting in 2003 with a Korean quilt master at the Alpine Cloister in New Jersey. Almost 10 years later she is showing her quilts to the public for the first time.

Joetta Maue began exhibiting in 2000, working in various mediums including photography, drawing, and embroidery. Joetta’s sense of honesty and humanity is evident in her embroidered works.

Eli Eunkyung Lee works in several mediums including sculpture, drawing, and sewing. Her recent works revolve on ‘meditation’, and her works in this show focus specifically on ‘time’.

You can see the show until December 30, plus there is lots of good holiday shopping nearby, or you can holiday shop at the gallery hmmm.

Here is the gallery, P339 Gallery's website.


Too bad you will not get to see the very cool  live musical performance by Annabelle Cazes, where she played an instrument with thimbles on her fingers, her very own take on handwork.

join me...


There are a few spots open so join me at one of the oldest craft schools in America...

Autobiographical Stitches AW796
Glean from your daily life to create a unique portrait with a ‘sampler’ of embroidery stitches. Explore creative use of diary writing and documentation of daily life in your art. Look at work by contemporary fiber artists while learning traditional stitches and embroidery basics. All levels welcome. Limit 8 students
Sundays, Dec 2 & 9, 10am-3pm

Get all the details to register here.


At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person.
Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.
- Albert Schweitzer

Monday, November 19, 2012

Come and see me!

The exhibition Three Women Sewing features the work of Bai Jung Ja, Joetta Maue & Eunkyung Lee. 

Exhibition dates are Nov. 20 – Dec. 31, 2012.

P339 – Crosspoint Gallery
339 Bedford Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211

 Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 11am to 6pm.

I will be at the opening so I hope to see you all!!!

be inspired.

 Have you seen the lovely video of Cayce Zavaglia working. Go to her website and click on news and watch.

Be inspired.

Deadline Approaching!!!

Make sure to get your wonderful, beautiful submissions in by the deadline!!!!

down to sleep, work inspired by the bed.

down to sleep, is the first New England exhibit curated by Joetta Maue, in this exhibit we will showcase fiber and fiber related works that have to do with the bed. Joetta has been fascinated by the bed in her own work and critical writing for a number of years and is excited to explore this liminal space while simultaneously introducing the New England area to her unique curatorial style and the incredible quality of contemporary fiber work that is being made today.
Work can directly or indirectly reference the bed in any way; the actual bed itself, the experience of the bed, the acts that occur within the bed, the emotional space of the bed, sleep, and/or the bedroom itself. Please interpret openly.

The Chester F. Sidell Gallery at the Essex Art Center is a large and beautiful exhibition space with high wood beamed ceilings, 2 large street windows, a smaller intimate space, a large open gallery and was recently voted the BEST art gallery in Merrimack Valley.

The Essex Art Center is a renowned exhibition, teaching and studio space north of Boston.
Exhibition dates: March 1 - April 12, 2013
Opening event: March 1, 2013 5-7pm
DEADLINE December 1, 2012

DEADLINE: December 1, 2012


Friday, November 16, 2012

some happenings and stuff.

I have been so busy this week that it flew by with a blink and even though I have tabs saved of artists to write about, some oh so good, and a few shows that deserve mentioning etc... It just has not happened.  But here is a quick listing of some news and happenings of all things fiber and art worthy.

The Textile Arts Center is looking for new winter interns. As you know I think they are awesome and they really expose you to so much if you work with them so all you students should apply! Info here.
Or if you are in the Boston area email me I like interns too!!

There are a few shows around here that look good, though I have not made it to any of them yet. But it just reminds me how wonderful this community is and how I need to take more time to get involved in it...

"Threads Bared" is an exploration of the tactile nature of fiber. Using traditional and non-traditional methods and materials, fiber artists unravel, piece together, and bare the very threads that make up everyday life.

Rebecca Aranyi, Susan Berstler, Jodi Colella, Merill Comeau, Ruth Daniels, Melissa Glick, Kathleen Kneeland, Susan Meier, Charlotte Noruzi, Lauren O'Neal, Amy Pett, Stacey Piwinski, Margaret Ryan, V Van Sant, Ellen Solari
Curated by Tori Costa. 
Exhibition will be on display: November 10- December 16, 2012
They also have a yarn bomb event happening in a nearby local park.
Info here 

A solo show by the talented and sweet Jodi Colella :

Solo Exhibition of Work
Carney Gallery
Regis College
Weston, MA
Nov. 2-Dec. 30, 2012.

and at the Kingston Gallery:

Janet Kawada
Shift in Time, an interactive performance
October 31 – December 2, 2012
Gallery Discussion with Denise Marika: Saturday, November 17 at 4 PM
Why string? Why wrapping? What is it that draws me to this? Having time on your hands with nothing to do. How often do we hear that phrase? What does it mean? Can we contemplate without feeling that we are empty?
Winding these balls has been over the years a marking of time, a catharsis, calendar, performance, sharing, meditative, a way to document a time span. They were also an entry to a discussion. It could be a discussion on art or on politics. Their physicality opened up topics that could be hard to broach with others.
For the November show at the Kingston, Kawada will sit in the gallery winding one ball of string to mark time. There will be another chair for viewers to sit and wind their own ball or carry on a conversation with the artist.

Get info here.

Here is a great article about the Boston art scene for those interested.  

And...after my trip to NY next week there will be a ton of reviews about all the exciting shows happening there.