Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Read my interview with incredibly unique artist Tamar Stone over at Mr. X Stitch.
above are some shots of her studio.

ready for your close-up

Here are some closer up shots from the from the tongue... install. Enjoy.
The above works are 2 gorgeous watercolors by Jee Hwang & a sweet glass piece by Mary Coss.

A view of the gorgeous pillows and bears by Orly Cogan. I promise when I go back I will get some detailed shots of these. The saying's on the pillows generally reference the rejection and struggle of being an artist. Such as "we are not accepting applications at this time."

Here is my only shot of Leslie Nichols amazing typewriter portrait. The entire face is built out of layered typewriter text. I have no idea how she plans these pieces but they are quite lovely and technically very impressive. I guess I need a close-up of that too.

Some lovely newspaper dresses by the incredibly sweet and adorable Sarah Bahr, an old Sampler by Leila Daw, and an incredible sampler by Rubi McGrory- the bead work on it is astounding.

I mean WOW I have never seen cockroaches look so gorgeous!

a shot of the wall with small works- so many of which were just incredible!!! Mr. X Stitch contributed the hilarious small round cross stitch pieces. Eloise de Hauteclocque let me exhibit her charming and thoughtful gloves, and the many, many teeny tiny french knots by Iviva of FiberGraf were quite impressive.

and just as a sneak peek to the last post this week on from the tongue..., I will share some artist shots tomorrow just in case you love having a face to a name. Here is Iviva Olevick & Jon Baker from the collaborative group FiberGraf in front of Marilyn Henrion's gorgeous quilt.

more faces tomorrow.

And if you think from the tongue... looks good just wait until you see my next show at the Textile Arts Center- application details here.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


some works ready to be shipped off to new homes.

exhausted and mush. my brain is mush.
my practice is sad.
my fingers are aching for use.
I need to re-connect to my routine and studio...

I think I need to make a piece that says "my brain is mush" would that be weird?

smart self promotion...

I did a feature on artist Luke Haynes a week or so back and he just sent me a note to let me know that he is trying to raise funds for an exhibit...with a donation you can get some pretty cool stuff.
But what I love is the little video he made to promote the show. check it out by clicking on the image above.

Monday, June 28, 2010

a gallery stroll...

Here are some images from the installation of the from the tongue... exhibit. Of course, once I saw my images I realized that I forgot a few walls that I will have to shoot when I go back- that always seems to happen. I also have some close ups I will be sharing too... but today lets just take a stroll around the gallery. The above image is of the entry gallery, with Bren Ahearn's large sampler to draw the folks off the street in.

Right next to Bren's work is the incredible piece, The Great Milky Way, by Richard Saja- the piece is the transcription of a poem that he wrote- in braille. The work is amazing both visually and conceptually. And then many more lovely works gather on the wall.

Allison Manch's work above a painting by Kirsten Rae Simonsen.

a long view of the larger back space...

the sampler-esque wall of work with works by Bren Ahearn, JungEun Park, & Jennifer Hunold.

The opposite wall in the entry gallery with another great eye grabbing piece by Grant Olsen, pillows by Orly Cogan, and a sweet little piece by Kristen Wulff.

one last peek.... more details tomorrow.

traveling in...

At the opening of from the tongue... I was so delighted to meet SO many amazing and wonderful fiber artists. This included the many artists in the exhibit but also the many artists that came to the opening to celebrate the work in the show.

One of which was the lovely Mariee of colored thread who wrote 2 very sweet and thoughtful reviews of the show here and here. I am delighted that she was able to see so much into my thinking process of the curation and at times saw even more then I did.

I was also incredibly excited and flattered that a few artists chose to travel quite the distance to be able to join us at the opening.

Bren Ahearn who graced the cover of our invitation cards flew in and joined us. He was even more charming and wonderful then his work- which seemed impossible. He was a delight to talk to and I got to meet his lovely husband too. He also very sweetly gave me a handmade floor blanket for lil't with the coolest patterned fabric ever, he designed it of course, footballs and baseballs in a floral shape- more awesome gender bending.

Drucilla Pettibone came in from North Carolina and she was as sweet and adorable, in her very awesome felt balled hairpiece, as her work is awesome. She was a great energetic force for the party. On her blog you can see moments of her visit to the city...

Grant Olsen came in from Idaho for his very first visit to NYC. I hope he enjoyed his first weekend in the big apple. He looked incredibly dapper in a summer gray suit at the opening and was so gracious and nice to meet. He now just needs to create a website so that we can see more of his work.

More artist features and mentions to come.

a warm thursday night...

So today as you visit imagine this: a warm Thursday evening in the heart of Tribeca, jazz music on the radio, a glass of white wine in hand, great art all around, fabulous people milling about, and that way you can begin to experience the wonderful opening of from the tongue...

The image above shows the gallery before the rush began- artists Sarah Bahr and Lathorial Badenhausen catch up.

and then by 8:05 pm, the opening officially started at 8, the gallery was packed with artists, art enthusiasts, fiber lovers, and the like, and the crowd stayed throughout the evening.

Folks really enjoyed getting to meet other fiber and text artists many of whom they knew online and now know in person. It was wonderful how many of you, my blog readers, came out to the show and how many virtual friendships became real ones. Everyone gave cheers with wine and talked fabulous art.

At about 9:00 we had a live performance by artist Marcy Chevali, in the brown dress in back, who wrapped us with fiber and words as the crowd read words from her unraveling "balls of yarn." Artist Iviva Olenick of FiberGraf assists in the unraveling.

and by 10 pm the crowd had began to disperse, the art absorbed, the wine all drunk, the friendships made. (artist Grant Olsen looking dapper in his gray suit)

What a wonderful night in a wonderful space with absolutely utterly wonderful people.
Tomorrow I will share shots of just the install so you can see the art more clearly.

Friday, June 25, 2010

thank you...

Just a brief hello and a huge THANK YOU to the amazing crowd and group of artists that came out for the opening of from the tongue...
It was amazing and wonderful and crowded and I got to meet so many of you that I know through the web world. It was an absolute success.

Next week I will share tons of pictures and news about the artists.
Today I am off to do tourist things with my family that is in town.

Thank YOU!!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

come one, come all....


from the tongue...
an exhibition of works on paper and/or fiber exploring the use of text and language.
Curated by Joetta Maue
June 24-August 6 2010
Opening Reception Thursday, June 24, 8-10pm.

34 North Moore St/Lotus Gallery Space, Tribeca, NY, NY

Artists include:
Allison Manch,
Audrey Manning, Bren Ahearn, Bridget Franckowiak, Brooke Holloway, Drucilla Pettibone, Elana Adler, Ellen Schinderman, Eloise de Hauteclocque, Eric Johanni, FiberGraf a.k.a Iviva Olenick and Jon Baker, Grant Olsen, Jee Hwang, Jennifer Hunold, Jung Eun Park, Katrina Eaton, Kirsten Rae Simonsen, Kristen Wulff, Lathorial Badenhausen, Leila Daw, Leslie Nichols, Marcy Chevali, Marilyn Henrion, Mary Coss, Mr. X Stitch, Nathalia Cortada, Orly Cogan, Richard Saja, Rubi McGrory, Sarah Bahr, Susan Moss, Susan Sharman, Tricia L. Johnson

It is super easy to get to on the train and there will be a live performance at 9:00 by Marcy Chevali. Hope to see you then.

Otherwise I am taking off from the blog, to enjoy some out of town guests, until Monday when I will share tons of pictures of the exhibit and opening and then begin features on some of the amazing artists exhibited.

See you tonight!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

looks amazing...

Orly Cogan's pillows at from the tongue...

The install yesterday went so well. I was at the gallery ALL DAY long which was exhausting but I am so happy with the end results. But...

I am not sharing pictures today as I want there to be a nice surprise for those of you that are coming to the opening on Thursday. I have a feeling it is going to be HUGE.
Which is wonderful but I am worried about having enough wine. I think it is going to be a crowd!

Seriously the work looks so nice in the space and I think the way that it is installed really draws people into the space from the street and there is plenty of affordable work so I hope some of it ends up selling!!! I already picked out a piece to add to my collection.

But, I am crazy busy with all the details of the opening and my sister-in-law and mother-in-law are coming into town tomorrow so posting might be light this week. Next week FINALLY my schedule starts to ease up a little bit, thank goodness, which means some super awesome blog posts on the many fabulous artists in the show and some studio time!!!! yay.

marriage and its beautiful complexity...

So I was bummed that I could not make it to the opening of my solo show in California at the Basement Gallery. Here are some pictures of the install that looks great!! I wish I could see it in person...

I like how the exhibition focused on all my work that deals with marriage and all of its beauty and challenges. The curator, Erica Sheets, is getting married in September and therefore very drawn to that side of my work. It was interesting as I went through my work to review and edit for this thematic connection specifically. Marriage is a crazy wonderful ride.

If you want to see more images of the opening and the install check them out here.

Monday, June 21, 2010

install day!

So today is the big day of install for from the tongue... it is going to be a total bear there is SO much work and is a huge and wonky space and...

a lot of artists either mounted or framed their work, which makes it larger, and I was not told that they were going to do that so it makes me have to figure out a little lay-out magic.
Note to all artists- when a piece is accepted into a show at one size DO NOT mount or frame without talking to the curator this may change their install plan so... But with that aside.

I am getting very excited about the show and think that the end result and the opening is going to rock. I hope to see may of your faces there.
Now I have to get ready to work.

Friday, June 18, 2010

the process of forever...

If you are anywhere near Oakland, California please stop in at my opening, the process of forever, at Basement Gallery. Sadly, I will not be there but look forward to seeing plenty of pictures.

Tonight from 7-10pm

Joetta Maue - The Process of Forever - A Solo Exhibition of fiber work relating to the complex emotional journey of marriage and partnering

Curated by Erica Sheets

Opening June 18th- July 1. 2010 from 7 - 10:00 pm

Thursday, June 17, 2010

safety and stitch.

Through a few blogs I have seen the open satin stitching work of painter Cecile Jarsaillon and figured it was about time to feature her work here.

Her paintings themselves are incredibly impressive- Her blog is in french so I am just making my own conclusions of what is going on-
The paintings seem to reference the television and scenes being acted out- she has a gorgeous series of a boxing match and then a series that seems to recreate a hospital related family drama.

But of course, I prefer her embroidery which utilizes a somewhat long and open satin stitch laid over photographic images- I am not sure if that means they are small works or not? But the affect is quite interesting and unique in technique.

Apparently most of the images are from a safety manual- and include images of getting shots, car accidents, and daily falls that a child might experience. And though I find that concept quite interesting in theory- I am personally more drawn to editing it down and making my own narrative. Since I in general prefer moments that are of the more ordinary and everyday these are of course the images of hers that I am most in love with.
Especially the boy brushing his teeth.

I realize that I am just projecting what I want onto her work and perhaps erasing her intention. But this is the curse and blessing of seeing work online- it is much easier to mentally edit when you see work via the web.

The more "safety" focused of the images are compelling in their own way- by the juxtaposition of embroidery with somewhat startling and at times horrific images. Because of the nature of her hand and construction of the pieces their imagery can come to you as quite unexpected which works well conceptually. But at the same time the use of these images in this type of re- contextualisation seems a little too familiar. So I will let myself keep be drawn to the ones I prefer and leave the rest for others to appreciate.

See more of Cecile's work especially her paintings at her blog.

next, please???

So I finally have started to feel like I have caught up. I am pretty much done with this piece for from the tongue..., I finished this ordered commission- just need to wash and press, and this weekend and Monday install from the tongue...

All of these things being done means I finally can get started on a new work!!! yay. The above 2 pictures are the first ones to begin upon- I normally like to work from an image that shows more of the figure but I love how much both of these images utilize the linens of the bed- So I am just planning on working it. With the one of the 3 of us- I plan on having linens just hanging down from the piece in a very sculptural way & therefore implying the entire bed.
Of the one with just the arms out- I LOVE the way the piece will be all white and very abstract with that glimpse of the human form- I may start with that one.

So next week I need to get to my studio at night to I can project the images and then get started. I am so excited as for after next week I have a nice lull in my insanely busy schedule which means- studio time!!!!!

& I got my first submission for my next curatorial endeavor.