Friday, April 30, 2010

gratuitous mama and baby shot.

Open Studios this Weekend!!!

My studio building is having open studios this weekend!!! I will only be there very limited hours but they have over 60 artists participating and a huge roof party on Saturday night.

All details found here. Perhaps I will see ya. I am planning on being in my studio, #2, from 4-6 Saturday and 12:30-2:30 Sunday. But my studio will be open the entire time. So leave a note if you stop by and I am not there.

Screwball Spaces Open Studios
Saturday, May 1st, 12pm to 6pm
Sunday, May 2nd, 12pm to 6pm

Screwball Spaces, Gowanus Canal’s newest addition of artists’ studios in Red Hook, Brooklyn, opens its doors to the public for a rare glimpse into the work spaces of New York’s contemporary artists.

58 artists' open studios in one cool location! It is a storage building, but don't be confused. The artists have the whole third floor. Come see open studios in Red Hook's largest acre of artists. Tillie, the painting dog, will create a piece in the Gallery at 4 p.m. on Saturday along with happenings in the hallways organized by Jason Rylander.

For more information, directions and map please visit our website:

Participating artists include:
Edwin Anglero * Dana Atherton * Maria Baraybar * Julia Whitney Barnes * John Barnhart * Blake Baxter * Megan Berk * Beth Bernett * Jennifer Brantley * Yasha Butler * Cat Celebrezze * Henry Chung * Stasia Chung * Kathleen Collins * Juan Doe * Brendan Donleavy * Nathan Gwirtz * Susan Heller * Spring Hofeldt * Buhm Hong * Ben Howort * Jee Hwang * Akiko Kato * Brian Kenny * Frank Lentini * Leoworks * Joshua Dov Levy * Sam Levy * Miranda Maher * David Marin * Joshua Marks * Tony Mascatello * Joetta Maue * Janice McDonnell * Elizabeth Meggs * Andy Mister * Ellen Moses * Peter Patchen * Lawrence Quigley * Lydia Reinhold * River * Jason Rylander * Ellen Sayers * Kyoko Sera * John Shorb * smudge studio * Sule Sokoni * Mike Sorgatz * Rebecca Stern * John Tebeau * Linda Tharp * Enrico Miguel Thomas * Erika Tuttle * Robert Walden * Charlie Welch * Mark Welsh * Michelle Yarnick * Ward Yoshimoto * Meredith Zinn

We also will be having a big gallery opening and roof top party Saturday night at 6-11pm, with cooking out live dj and fun, fun, fun!!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Love Street

I meant to post this last week but was otherwise engaged with baby- but the lovely and talented Orly Cogan has a new exhibit in L.A.
I so wish I could see the work in person, love this image with the blue!!!


APRIL 24 THRU JUNE 19, 2010

Charlie James Gallery, Chinatown, Los Angeles

Charlie James Gallery is proud to present New York artist Orly Cogan in her first LA solo show, Love Street. Orly works with vintage, printed fabrics and updates them with personal, feminine imagery using embroidery and other sewing techniques. Her appropriation of vintage fabric items puts her in collaboration with her forebears, and her interventions result in unique, contemporary objects in which she is often the subject depicted. The personal tableaux that play across these quilts, table runners, and doilies illustrate different elements of contemporary identity. They ask questions about relationships, sources of emotional sustenance, and feminine archetypes. The juxtaposition of vintage feminine and contemporary feminist is a rich contrast that gives the work much its energy.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


As many of you have guessed from my absence over the last week, our bundle of joy finally arrived.
We had a very dramatic birth and very far from the ideal home birth we were hoping for. I labored at home for 26 hours with excruciating back labor and severe pain. Sadly, the babe just was not properly dropping so we had to, in the end, go to the hospital.
I swear after now 28 hours of back labor the epidural was a miracle from god. We then pushed some more hoping to be able to try the vacuum, but he stayed stubborn and in the end I needed an emergency c-section.
The babe was born with a slight fever and in merconium so he was in the NICU for 2 days.
I had an infection and was in the hospital and on antibiotics for 4 days.
But in the end everyone ended up healthy and happy and now we are home.

So I introduce our lovely son
Tesla Wyeth Maue.
Born on April 20th in the morning at 7 pounds 4 oz.
The last baby born at the historical Manhattan hospital St. Vincents after 160 years of service.

We are loving getting to know this sweet soul and are very happy my mom is here to help with everything since I am pretty pooped out from the surgery and the drama of it all.
So I will not be back until next week and will just stop in a few times and then will be back in full force May 10.

But remember the deadline for from the tongue is sneaking up and the submissions have been pouring in so please make sure to get yours in by the deadline May 7. Cannot wait to see what you all are doing.

With warmth to all of you and your amazing love an support.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

colorful flight.

Do you need a little color in your life? Artist Yuko Euno's magical butterfly instalalation gives plenty of color and seems perfect art to celebrate for spring.

she states:
In process of creation for the project, I (was) attracted to (the ) beauty of (the) wings of butterflies and developed my own way of making them. Each butterfly is original and has unique design and color from my imagination. None of them are same. Inspirations come from my Dance background and passion for music includes Jazz, Blues, Funk, Latin, Afro-beat. Especially influences by Afro Cuban, Latin Jazz, Mambo, Salsa, Dixieland, New Orleans Jazz, Big Bands plus flavors of Carnival, Mardi Gras, Circus and Cabaret. It’s like mixing my artwork on a huge turntable. I design and create pattern of wings influence by music. For example, rhythm, melody, syncopation, swing, beginning and ending like jazz. And just like when you listen many different kind of instrumental. Like a song and a performance, I create a story in my art work. I would say story of life. I would be happy if viewers could feel the rhythm and beat of flying butterflies, and passion, beauty and power of spirit of butterflies which has very short life.

See more here.

fiber arts.

show being installed.

Some great articles on the Fiber Arts International show that opens this weekend.

I am so bummed that I will not be able to make it to the opening or artist reception. It would be such a great opportunity to meet so many wonderful artists. I guess I will just need to makes sure to get a piece in next time so that I can attend then.
But this time around hopefully I will be having a baby instead of attending a fab artists reception. Worth the trade.

The articles are worth a read if you are a fiber person for sure.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

drawing in thread booklets...

The booklets from the Drawing in Thread exhibition in Massachusetts came in and they look great. They are a small booklet with images of each artists work. I found it interesting that they chose to show details of most of the work instead of the entire piece... but I kinda like it. It gives a more intimate view.

So if you stop by the show make sure to pick one up. The show is up until May 2.
And you can see the exhibit virtually through the links to the art work found here.

drawn words of fiber.

I saw the gorgeous work of Alyssa Pheobus in the fall at an open house tour of a big collector and immediatly fell in love. Alyssa uses graphite and text to reference textiles in her large scale drawings...

So many wonderful things about the work, the words are powerful, the textures she creates remind us of domesticity, and her choice to often leave things unfinished allows the work to have a powerful ambiguity.

I am so glad I got reminded of her work this week.

and wish oh wish she would submit to my show in Tribeca.

See more of her work here.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

all about the skin...

The art of scientist, researcher, professor, and artist Zane Berzina combines textiles, science, photo imaging, and the incredible organ of the skin to create beautiful and thought provoking work. Zane seems to be almost obsessed with skin as subject as all of her work in a quite extensive portfolio deals with and explores the membrane of skin.

Sometimes her work is very focused on the texture and surface of the skin-

while other times it is more about the science and amazing and diverse capabilities of the skin.

She states:
I work on the intersection of art, design, craft, technology and science. The indeterminate but fertile space in-between these traditionally defined practices and cultures; the potential for synergies between these diverse disciplines is what fascinates me...

My research-led practice takes place both in an artist's studio and in scientific laboratory. Based on these experiences my work also attempts to question the strict boundaries between the notions of the 'scientific' and the 'artistic', and explores the concepts of 'truth', 'objectivity' and 'subjectivity' within each of these cultures...

My early practice-led research work dealt with issues surrounding human skin focusing on the epidermis as a 'naturally intelligent material' on the premise that it can serve as a model and metaphor for new design solutions . Aiming to translate 'skin technology' into my textile practice for creating responsive textile surfaces which behave, look or feel like skin, it examined its aesthetic and functional potential for translation into active textile systems and was an attempt to bridge the gap between aesthetics and technology. Since then the semiotics and the 'technology' of the skin is a reoccurring theme in my practice.

See more of her work and explanations of each project at her website.

in bed...

Here are some final images of in bed..., they are not the best as the curator of my show is actually holding the piece so when I go back to the exhibit I will need to re-photograph so that I can properly get the edges in the image.
But... I am really happy with the piece, at first the paint was not really working but after adding some pink cheeks and my wedding ring the colors all started to pop forward well.

The piece went really fast so I am excited to get started on my next one, I just need to get to my studio when it is dark to transfer the images and with the combo of it staying light later and my overdue preggers body being exhausted- late night studio time has been a rarity...
But maybe today?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Brooklyn Craft Farm.

Do you know about the very cool new space the Brooklyn Craft Farm? Well now you do.
The Craft Farm is a a new space that will offer classes and workshops on all things crafty. It was started by a past student of mine and her friend.
They are starting off with childrens classes and will soon expand into adult classes as well.

So go check out their cute website and schedule and get crafty!

home sweet home... opening images

Here are some images of my solo show which opened this weekend, Home Sweet Home, at Corridor Gallery Project Space. I was very happy with how the show looked in the space and the gallery folks did a great job installing my work. Considering that I did little to promote the show, as was unsure if I would be there due to forthcoming babe, and it was a GORGEOUS Sunday afternoon the opening had a great turn out. So let's take a stroll around the space...

I loved how the title with my signature and the faux cross stitch letters looked. Plus I was super excited to have a short interview up on the wall with it.

This is the first time that I have shown the photographs next to the embroidered works they inspire. It was actually a really nice way to see the work. We did this with another piece but somehow I forgot to photograph it. Viewers seemed to really enjoy being able to see the decisions that I made and how I edit and change the photographic image in my threading choices.

some newer photos. The nice thing about the opening was lots of people came up to talk to me and ask questions and give comments on the work. It is always a privilege to talk to new people about what you are doing.

a mock up of this project in the gallery space, with some photos of the original outdoor installation.

the first time I have showed video in a long time, I was really excited by how the installation looked. Makes me want to pick up my video camera again.

a re-install of a piece form about 2 years ago, and I still love this piece.

a glimpse of my new piece, better pictures of this tomorrow.

The show is up until May 22 and on Friday, May 21 we will have a closing reception and artist's talk with the other exhibit. I hope some of you can make it out to see the show the gallery is very easy to get to and find on the subway.

Gallery hours are:
Tuesday to Thursday 10 AM to 6PM
Friday and Saturday 12-6pm

Friday, April 9, 2010

home sweet home opening.

Opening Tomorrow night is my solo show, Home Sweet Home, at the Corridor Gallery, Project Space in Brooklyn.

Home Sweet Home
a multi-media exhibition by Joetta Maue
curated by Nina Ziefvert

April 11-May 22, 2010.
Opening April 11, 4-6 pm

I am quite excited to see the show installed as it has work from over the last 3 1/2 years from older video work, a range of my embroidered images, and photographs to my newest finished piece. I think it will be a unique and interesting perspective on the evolution of my work and process.

There will be a exhibition booklet made up with a great interview and an artist's talk/closing reception on May 21. I may or may not attend the opening tomorrow it all depends on if this baby decides to arrive but I will definitely be at the artists talk in May. Maybe some of you will be too.

tears and letters...

Loving the simplicity of the work of Canadian artist Kate Jackson. I especially love the tissue piece, I won't treat my tears like tissues, in which she hand made and embroidered tissues, installed as a box if tissues with balled up used ones and crisp clean new ones waiting to be spoiled. If only all the objects that wipe our tears and tender noses were made with such beauty and love.

Kate describes the inspiration for this piece here:

Tears and snot are worthy of a handkerchief. Having spent a great deal of time crying recently and not having a hankie to catch the tears, I watched my emotions get taken out with the trash. Tears should be embraced, calmed, sweetened, and soothed. They should fall into something beautiful.

All of Kate' s series have a strong and powerful emotional edge from dealing with the loss of life in war, the news of something in a letter, to the fantasy life we never fulfill. Each work is made with an attentiveness and love of the hand made.

Her letters series is particularly powerful to me as the images she chooses to translate into embroidered drawings have so much emotional weight. I look at these figures and just want to reach out and touch them, comforting them with love or celebrating their news with laughter.

Her casualty series, a series of war figures carefully translated onto the feminine fabric of eyelet creates a powerful contrast to the violence and loss of war with the reality of the families and homes left behind.

Last night I dreamt I was... is a series that explores the fantasy lives we have and though approached with a playfulness and colorful hand in the context of the other work they have another affect - the fear of living our dreams and in the context with her war images the dreams and fantasy's that are lost with the soldiers lives.

I am inspired by her simplicity and emotional depth. You can see more of Kate's work here.