Friday, August 29, 2008

want a update?

So a bit of updates today.
The dentist was very nice, but told me not so great news.
The vet for the kitties was good, as in they are healthy. Yeah!!
I just finished the above piece yesterday, it is going to be part of a triptych.
I am happy with it.
Now I just need to find the other 2 linens to go with it.

Congrats to my friend Marcie Paper she got accepted into 20 x 200.
No surprise because her paintings are wonderful.

And congrats to me! My piece happily... got accepted into From Our Perspective, National Women's Art Exhibition.

And the rest of the day is me frantically cleaning for my sister in laws visit this weekend and
frantically getting happily... ready to ship.

Have a great day and weekend!

intense work...

I was looking through the Drawing Center's viewing program, while I was trying to get it to work for me, no luck!!!
And I found the intense but fascinating work of artist Tamara Kostianovsky.

I can't wait to see this intricate and shockingly realistic fabric carcases in person.
If I was not already a vegetarian these works might make me one.

on her incredible cool website she states:

For Argentineans the cow is a symbol of national identity...
By creating sculptural works where the cow appears skinned, tortured or dismembered, I intend to speak about the conflicting relationship between homeland and emigres, at the same time that I bring attention to the physicality of our existences, the escalating violence that we became accustomed to, and the longing that results when the body is displaced.

Eloquent, powerful, and frightening words and work
And if you are in NY you will get a chance to see her work this fall.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


To guest blogger and excellent painter Michele Katen for featuring me at the very popular spot Black Eiffel.
It was great to have my work featured at such a great blog and ...

Michelle is a truly sweet person and though I have never met her she has been very helpful and friendly in discussing matters of being and artist over email.

So thanks Michelle!!!

and thanks to Nadia for drawing my attention to the feature...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Today is about a bit of nurture.
I have a much needed dentist appt., I hope they are nice 'cause I loved my last dentist.
And then I am setting up appts for all my other doctors.
Gotta do a body good!

the magic of lace.

Wow, when I opened the new FiberARTS and saw Dorie Millerson's lace work...
my jaw dropped.
Not only are they technically beautiful and
structurally amazing...

I mean look at this bridge, IT's LACE!

But I so love the simplicity of the stories in her attachments series.
I mean I love this work, I want one in my home so badly.

And since lace is one of the things I have yet to learn, I am inspired to make it one of the things that I have.

Also excited to see artist Diem Chau on the cover.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Such exciting news...

at BAG

I have finally gotten a really great, I hope, job.
I have been so wanting to share the news, it has been in the works for 3 weeks now and finally got finalized late last week and today I bore the bad news to my current boss.

I will be very sad to leave my current job at the Brooklyn Artists Gym because everyone there are amazing wonderful people. I am so glad that I worked there to meet the wonderful folks, be introduced to the great community, and to have moved my studio to its much more "me" space.
And I will miss the sunshine from the windows.
But alas a job with more hours was needed and after a massive amount of work, time, and disappointment it has finally happened.

My new job is at a young gallery, less then a year old, Marc Jancou Contemporary in SOHO.
I will be doing the registrar work and shipping for all the art that goes in and out of the gallery. So I am a bit nervous about the work load and just getting into the swing of things, with new jobs it takes so long....
I am so extremely anxious about finding time to be in the studio and make work.
But mostly I am really excited!

And to try to force myself to be in the studio I am sending tons of show entries and such out this week in an effort to inspire me to get to the studio, so hopefully I get into some!!

Excited and then more.

So I just found out about artist Andrew Bush's photographic series Vectors, all images taken at 40-60 miles per hour from his car...I think on the LA highways?

anyway... I love them: his color, his framing, his impeccable eye for the good subject.
It is amazing how timeless all the images seem, or even vintage though they are contemporary.

And then I went to his website to create this post and just got super excited because of his:
His envelopes and business card series:

and his house series:

Simply amazing & someone I need much more time to research.

over so fast...

oh the weekend was so lovely, and now it is gone...
We spent most of the day on Saturday in the park and I got a ton of embroidery done there and then on Sunday too.
So that was great, I finished the first piece for the commission I am doing and am like 1 hour away from finishing a new piece for a triptych.

And maybe, just maybe I sold another piece, but I will not say more as it is not a definite, but even as a possibility it is exciting,
Now I just am really trying to finish the big embroidery to submit it to a show and simply because I have my next one in mind and want to get started....
So for me this weekend was all needles and sunshine, if only everyday could be that way.

Friday, August 22, 2008

visit my mornings...

Great show!

At my studio building there is a great show opening this weekend;
The opening is this Saturday from 6-9pm. The space is a close walk from the subway.

Some of the artists in the show I have recently featured:

Spring Hofeldt:

Joram Roukes:

and plenty of artists that I have yet to feature, including Richard Kessler and his wonderfully psychedelic images.

hoping that...

I will get to spend some time in the studio this afternoon.
My free time is going to dramatically decrease soon, so I am trying and hoping to get as much studio time as I can in the next week or so...
and then figure out a way to keep getting it.

That's the hard part!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

i want one, and so should you.

One of the artists at the space that I work has simply amazing work.
Joram Roukes
His paintings are very large, like 8 ft tall or so.
And he expertly combines thin layers of paint, with pencil, with marker, with flat areas of paint, and plenty of gorgeous negative space. Mixing cartoon, expressionistic, and realism techniques.
Joram is in NY only for another month as he is visiting from the Netherlands on a grant.

His current work is collaged imagery from people and places in Brooklyn to create portraits of Brooklyn. They are quite successful in this regard as they really tell the story of different communities and neighborhoods, they seem like they could be made nowhere else.

And in fact Joram thinks that he will not be able to continue the body of work once he goes home because it is too specific to the experience of being here.

My mission is to get Joram to become more aggressive about getting his work out their because I think the NY art world would love it. Don't you?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

beat up, bruised, and still moving...

I feel a bit like a little girl...
I have a banged up knee, a band aid on my finger, and a bandage on my foot. a little girl learning to ride her bike, but instead I am a grown up women learning to navigate her way.
It's a good thing my wounds heal fast...and I keep on walking.


today began with a rainbow and had the potential to be quite life changing...
and by tomorrow I might have good news to share.
So hear is to thanking rainbows and hoping for more.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

a little sad...

the last few days I have been super sad and super missing my e.
maybe 'cause a few people have expressed their condolences lately.
It is strange dealing with his death, sometimes I feel like I am fine and then
suddenly I am so desperately sad...
I miss him.

the line that connects us.

Dane Patterson, Not there but there (Game plan for a new location.)

This looks like a really great show at the fabulous Brooklyn Arts Council Gallery.

Gregg Evans, nick. 2/07

"as the viewer approaches the exhibit’s end, it is the curator’s hope that he or she will become inspired to move through the rest of their day attempting to uncover the connections between everything that crosses their path."

Stephanie DiGregorio, Linens

My favorite artist in the show is Sara Evans. I love her work. The beauty and the banal.
She was also one of the curators of Windows Brooklyn.

Monday, August 18, 2008

let the sunshine in...

Let the sunshine in, the suuun shine in.
The suun shine in....

Come on sing along!
The entire 1900 deep audience of the Shakespeare in the Park production of Hair, consisting of mostly upper east-siders, did, they not only sung along they danced along and

It was amazing!!
So yes we saw Hair in Central Park this weekend. Our wonderful friends waited in line for hours and shared their bounty with us. C would never wait in line that long so I must rely on the generosity of others. And luckily we got to go.
I did not think C would like it but he actually seemed to like it a lot.
And he should have.
The actors were excellent, the production of this piece in our political climate was poignant, and the evening was beautiful.

Some highlights were:
the evening's weather.
The beautiful and talented Patina Renea Miller, who sang the opening song Aquarius amongst many other solos, her voice evoked massive emotion and she boogied like a 1968 hippie like no one else.
The handsome and perfectly rebellious Berger, played by Will Swenson. Swenson nailed the energy and the pathos of the character.
And the most amazing and unexpected highlight...

The moment the cast grabbed audience members and soon thereafter the entire stage was full of cast and audience dancing and singing and letting the sunshine in.
Maybe there is hope for all of us after all.

So if you are the type of person willing to wait 6-8 hours for tickets I highly recommend you do. Or make some really great friends so they can share with you.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

beautiful lines...

I just got reminded of the amazing artist Joan Linder recently.
And oh how beautiful her work is. Most of her drawings are done with ball point ink pen which gives them a lovely quality, especially since she chooses to stay monochromatically within each piece.
Most the drawings are quite large scale and so the texture and flaws of the ink really come out, which just enhances the beauty of her images and lines. This series, Trees, is my favorite.

From her new series Mother.
Hopefully her next show at my favorite gallery, Mixed Greens, shows some.
The simplicity of the everyday tools of the mother.

which I did see in person, is amazing in how she uses the negative space of the implied human form.

and some other works...