Monday, June 23, 2014

Thursday, June 19, 2014

studio inspired.


a few things inspiring me in my studio this week...
the amazing linen I found while preparing for Squam that says "sweet dreams."  It is so sweet I kind of want to make it into a nightmare.  
A pile of old, white, plain hankies, their simplicity is speaking to me. 
The never ending supply of wonderful little drawings that T makes for me. 
Rolled work.

what will come of all this. only more studio days will tell. Oh come studio days come.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

the embroidered image


Check out this super awesome exhibit in NYC right now curated by the very talented and sweet Orly Cogan.  At her husband's very well curated gallery the Robert Mann Gallery.

 One of my favortie artist people has work included the wonderful Jane Waggoner Deschner.

Jose Romussi

 Hagar Vardimon who was in the last show that I curated.

Diane Meyer

Melissa Zexter  

 Hinke Schreuders 

You can see the entire exhibit online or go in person.  The gallery is in the heart of Chelsea. 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I updated a few things on my shop. I have about 10 more things to add. But this is a start.
Check out the new art available for the walls of your beautiful home.

see it all here.

small work in nyc.

So I have been so busy that I have missed posting about 3 shows that I have been in, which in truth is totally embarrassing. But hopefully I will be back in the swing of things now. So... this show is over and you cannot see it. But the pics make me wish even more that I could have been to the opening and seen all the lovely art and crossed paths with all the wonderful folks that I know went.

I was so happy and proud to be invited to contribute work to the Textile Arts Center small works anniversary exhibit it was last week and had some pretty super awesome artists participating in it so even more reason to be  happy to be part of it and the wonderful community that is the TAC.


I am also delighted that I sold a piece too!!!


Right as I am truly exploting motherhood as subject this show announcement fell into my inbox.  Needless to say I was an am inspired....

Trust your struggle by Qiana Mestrich

 She say's this:

After I gave birth to my son in 2010, medical circumstances left me homebound for months. Feelings of joy and love for my new baby came with equal sentiments of fear and isolation. To cope and hold on to some part of my previous self in the midst of new motherhood, I turned to the camera. Trust Your Struggle is a photographic essay that documents what is often considered taboo when publicly discussing the new mother experience: the intense loneliness, hectic days, sleepless nights, physical pain and the rare moment alone.

See it in person until the 27th in Brooklyn here.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Squam, Art, Magic...

view from my classroom.
Sometime it is easy to forget that you are good at what you do and that you love it. For me the opportunity to be at Squam Art Workshops was an opportunity to be reminded that I love, really love, to teach people to be creative.  It also reminded me that I am good at it. 

Life can be so challenging and people/circumstance can really fight against you --- sometimes you forget things about yourself that you once knew. So as I was walking to or from my class, sitting on the dock of this magical lake or chatting about the teaching process with other teachers I thought a lot about me and what I want for the future and how I am going to get it. And every time I would be reminded how much I love teaching and how I am actually gifted at it. That was the reward of Squam for me and I am ever so grateful. 

Of course I also got to meet countless lovely people, learn more about knitting then I ever needed to (since I do not knit,) sat and kayaked on the most gorgeous lake I know of (and I say yes over lake tahoe any day,) did a bit of yoga, a lot of chatting and a good amount of chilling. I was honored, grateful and delighted to be a part of it all.

The classroom.

The inspiration wall.

 A small pile of the linens. 


The students.


The work.

 The process.

the magic.


Did you think I disappeared for good? I did not and I have thought plenty of you readers out there but time has been on such shortage lately. I went to squam it was awesome, more on that later. But I did not take any vacation time so I was frantically working, preparing, still teaching my local classes, and then off to Squam for 4 plus days, came back worked non-stop and taught as well. So wheww. It makes me tired just thinking about it. I also had my birthday and was being a mama to the cutest 4 yo in the universe.

But all in all so many good things, I had a wonderful experience at Squam meeting people, teaching and just sitting on a dock of that super gorgeous lake. I have been really happy to expand my teaching schedule locally and really look forward to doing that even more.  And I still have vacation time to use towards the end of the summer. yay!

But my work has layed pretty dormant for these few weeks as studio time was in the studio but not exactly on working on work so now that the summer is almost all cleared of extra things on my calender I am REALLY looking forward to getting some proposals and applications for my work out as well as continue to make progress on the work I am making. (and the photo is showing that I have also finally unpacked and put my studio back together from all my teaching travels.)

Hopefully a little less of a quiet voice here too.  We will see.