Tuesday, October 29, 2013

text and landscape

so many things that I love: text, photography and the sacrine desire and unrealistic expectations that we all have in love. (click on images for bigger ones)

The work of Jung Lee.

clean white sheet

nothing more depressing then a clean white sheet of paper that has been sitting for a week untouched in the studio. My walls are a needing work to happen more quickly.

The work in the top image is already feeling like it is taking forever. But I am also already loving it. But I must say my laborious process becomes less attractive for sure. I have been tempted to just start drawing but I would really miss the fiber, but does it make sense to draw on fiber.  Also thinking a lot about taking photos again as I found a lab I can rent in the spring and summer months.  I could shoot now and print then. My hasselblad would be excited to get some use.

 never ending studio thoughts.

I actually did get an application out last week. Only a shit ton more to go. I def. need to get some work out there again. Free assistant please, anyone, anyone, anyone?

Monday, October 28, 2013

write more letters

very cool thing a friend of mine is doing.  Write more letters!

A lone print maker who found and amazing antique letterpress. Has cleaned and restored it with just her little self and is asking all us creative folks to help her kickstart a business that promotes the art of letter writing with some kick ass style.

Read about it:

Lyndsey and Herman (the press) share a great appreciation for letter writing. It’s hard to beat the childhood excitement of ripping open an envelope, the look and feel of a good sheet of stationery, and the sight of your besty's chicken scratch. Today, with correspondence only the flick of a finger away, it’s easy to forget how getting something special in the mail feels. Lyndsey and Herman hope to remind people of that feeling once again with their project Write More Letters. They hope to help bring back the lost art of letter writing by making it easy and special to both write a letter, and get a letter back in return. Each set of Write More Letters comes with two-way, letterpress printed stationery; a piece of parent stationery, as well as a nesting piece of stationery and matching envelopes. The nesting set is for you to self-address, and for your friend to send back to you with their handwritten reply. 

Read more here.
Read about the work Lyndsey had in my first curatorial show here and her final thesis in graduate school here and here.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

happening in the studio

this piece is such an undertaking and I am terrified about going white on white- but I really think it might end up wonderful, hope.

creating foundations for text work.

the small narratives

Olga Chernysheva uses many mediums from photo and video to small scale drawings. But since I am kind of obsessed with drawings as of late and always interested in the simple and banal I am most attracted to her small unassuming drawings/watercolors.

 She makes work about the small personal narratives occurring in Russian lives amongst the fragmentation of their culture and society.

It is a good reminder that something simple and small can be just as powerful and moving.

Monday, October 21, 2013

white in white it is.

happening in the studio, so looking forward to a studio day tomorrow...but also have a few applications I would love to get done.

good stuff.

lovely work, go to the website so you can see the better quality images of Jannick Deslauruers work.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

which one?

While I am trying to get out from under a pile of grading I need to do--- I am contemplating this new work.  I did the drawing late night last week and am so excited about the work.  I left it untouched as I wanted to finish up a few lingering pieces that needed resolved but I think today I am going to dive in.

My struggle is should the work be whites on whites, something I love but have only done with text work before or just go with the contrast I have been doing of black on white.  Both would be lovely but very different pieces.

blooming fantastic

so lovely, so cool and so wish I could have seen it. Read about it here.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


sometimes I hate being an artist oh so much and wish I just wanted to be a physical therapist or something. And then sometimes I love it so much it elates me. And sometimes this happens multiples in one day back and forth, back and forth.

Monday, October 7, 2013

sweet and simple

I really love some of the work by Fern Massar, sweet and simple.  Though I will openly admit I hate tumblr. Please artists do not start using it as substitute websites, please?

I of course am most drawn to ferns more banal subject matters but she also has some lovely abstract art deco like works and more romantic ones.

I like how she plays with pattern and color in otherwise simple compositions. The above work rocks in its simplicity and a series of these could have some very interesting connotations and concept built in.  Not sure if she wants the wrinkle fabric with the shape of the hoop but I like it as part of the piece.

See a few more here.

fell off.

Did it feel like I fell off the earth? Well I kind of did. I had parents in town and then got so, so, so, so, so, so sick. I barely moved for 2.5 days. It sucked. Almost 100% now- but still missing a few percentage points.

Obviously with being sick I have gotten nothing, zilch, nil done in my studio. Ergh so frustrating. But I am looking forward to a day almost all day in the studio tomorrow.  It is so mind blowingly annoying to have such little time in my studio. Yet- I count myself lucky that I do get a full day alone every week. Funny before grad school I also had only one day in the studio and it felt so amazing and luxurious -all I felt was the productivity of that day. But now after grad school and 4 years of full time studio luxury it feels like a blink of an eye and all I see is what I did not get done.

In truth though--- I was getting all my work out last studio day to photograph (which I did not end up doing) but  with all the difficult shit I have had going on personally this year and my overly full schedule when I get all the work out I feel not so damn bad about it.

and I have been itching, itching, itching to start taking some photos.

Alright I have to go read some intellectual writing on art that I assigned to my class so I can lead a conversation in 2 hours.