Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Gratitude and joy.

A big hug and swing to all of you on this day of being filled with thanks.

Picked up the family at the airport...

Looking forward to watching the big Macy's Day Parade in person!!!! Fun and balloons and crowds and lots of coffee...and lots of cold. Look for me on the tv.

Then a big old fashioned homemade thanksgiving dinner, well except there will be no turkey- we go vegetarian style...
and then probably lots of wine filled kisses...

walking down memory lane hugs...

and even without the turkey endorphins many belly filled naps.

So to you and yours have a very merry,very happy, very thankful, joy filled, love filled, hug filled, gratitude filled day of thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving.

all images via square america.

so amazing.

I have always thought it would be interesting to create a spider web- as someone who loves the process of "weaving" it is such an amazing and symbolic structure. Well Nacho Carbonell has done it and it is lovely.

In this case inspired in the technique of wrapping I create a space in nature, where you feel protected as in a fetus, The perception of home is strongly linked to the material. Making your own cocoon we transferred our emotions, needs, into our shelter.

This is intended to be transitory. It will eventually be reclaimed by nature, but in return nature will provide benefits to nature and it will close the natural circle of live.

His other work is fascinating in how the sculptures become hybrids of man-made and seemingly nature-made, existing in perfect harmony. The Evolution chairs providing safe places that one can crawl into and being made from entirely recycled materials.

He describes his Dream of Sand benches, which are made from sand coated in rubber, as

The idea is to create these pieces of furniture on the spot, giving them the characteristics of the environment where they are built, in this way being able to integrate them into their surroundings, even to create extensions for already existing structures

Truly a very interesting artist making work that asks questions about our environment, our surroundings and our ideas about home. All questions very worthy of asking.
His artist statement is eloquent and inspiring:

I like to see objects as living organisms, imagining them coming alive and being able to surprise you with their behavior. I want to create objects with my hands, then I can give them my personality. I turn them into communicative objects that can arouse one's sensations and imagination. In short, what I want to create are objects with a fictional or fantasy element, that allow you to escape everyday life

embroider away...

I finally got the drawings for my new embroideries done...The portrait is going to be another that simply takes forever...
But I think it will be really nice when it is done...I am excited to get started.
Sorry, I know they are hard to see.

The feet, yes that is what they are if you cannot tell, are an experiment.
I have not done images that are just parts of the body, no face.
So we will see if it translates or not.

Don't forget to get the word out about Bird and Bear.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


A new piece that recently finished. leftovers of comforts.
I was originally planning on making the work in a shape of a spiral but it just was not working.
So for now it is hung just like a party banner...I am ok with that solution but not in love.

I am really happy with the actual object just not sure how to present it- after all it is a 25-30 ft long flimsy thing... I thought maybe a thin low shelf with the object laying on it? We will see.

The work says:
leftovers, butterflies in my stomach, a broken heart, warm sheets, dirty tissues, silence
Indeed the leftovers of comforts made from the literal leftovers of comforts...

Bird and Bear

Definitely still a work in progress- It is more complicated and time consuming then it looks.
I have a number of photographs, real actual c-prints to post...
and am making a line of scarves to keep your eye out for more fun stuff.
But here is the premier of Bird and Bear, get the word out.

Please note that custom orders are welcome and most my work on my website is for sale but not all of it seems etsy style so if you are ever interested in work that you see, PLEASE let me know. I am a working artist and sell all my art.

The name- Bird and Bear
Bird- if you have not noticed by this blog title I identify with the bird and have used it as a symbol for myself (and women) in my art for many years- A perfect animal as a symbol of both freedom and entrapment- the complicated experience of life.
Bear- is my nickname for things I love a.k.a my very special kitties and my C... and I am sure my someday in the future children will be called this too.
So we have Bird and Bear.

Enjoy and I welcome any comments or suggestions.

Monday, November 24, 2008

fun with food.

I do not know why but for some reason...I just love fabric food.
It is like the ultimate 2 comfort items put into one?
So I really love the fabric illustrations of artist Kate Talbot.
So clever and cute.

but man can you tell she's British? look at all that meat...

This is more to my liking, a fave of C and I a "toad in the hole"...and I have to say I make a darn good one. ( just crack an egg in a cut hole into the toast in a frying pan and use plenty of butter)
So are you hungry yet?
Kate also makes some pretty darn fabulous portraits and inspired by "famous art" fabric illustrations. Even some pin up girls, cha, cha, cha.
See more fun with fabric here.
and congrats to this crazy talented lady...if you are in NY you should all check it out.

excting news coming soon.

The news is simple but I hope you all find it exciting.
I have decided to open my very own little Etsy shop.
I am busily working away at it, deciding what I will sell and make for it.
Some of which will be cool little banners like the one above.
What would you my readers like to see?

But I figure being jobless is the perfect time to be a little entrepreneurial.
So check back soon...hopefully in the next few days for the premier of....
Bird and Bear- and I will tell you the story behind the name.

Friday, November 21, 2008

new and improved.

Well not actually me but the web version of me.
After many headaches, a few tears, and way too much time-
I have updated my website.

You would think there would be dramatic changes with all the effort that went into it but...
Just updates, mostly new photos, details of the fiber work, a new home page, links to the blogs, a little fine tuning of the look and such.
Hope you like the new and improved

Please let me know what ya think and if you notice any problems, missing links, misspelled words...let me know.

Otherwise my posts will be delayed as I am not home until later today.
So you should just peruse through the archives of here.
Anyone know how  I could get it turned into a book?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

to you.

That's it.

Chelsea and I strolled.

Kate Clark at Claire Oliver

Her work described by critic Tracey Candido:

Although the artist embarks in a journey towards shocking and repelling viewers as they recognize and reject the things presence, it is because Clark works with previously living creatures that she is also able to infuse an odd warmth and familiarity into the piece. We connect to Clark's work on a primitive level: humans are derived from animalistic ferocity, yet like her sculpture we exist behind a mask of docile subordination- we are the sophisticated monster, we are the civilized wild.

What more can I add to that? It is a perfect description of this fascinating work.

Other highlights from Chelsea:

Mia Westerlund Roosen at Betty Cunningam has lovely work and the sound of the water running down her large sculpture (similar to the one above) in the echo chamber of the gallery was wonderful.

Very beautiful drawings from artist Yayoi Asoma at the CUE. I kind of wish I could have one in my house. Actually I really wish I could. Of course that would mean that I have a larger apt since they are quite large.

and last but not least Andreas Gursky spread throughout Chelsea in the multiple Matthew Marks Gallery spaces. Though all his work was great the above image of a coal miners locker room was astoundingly beautiful, sad, tragic, and human. I could have stared at it for an hour.
And the placement of it all alone in a super small gallery just added to its power.

Thanks for taking a stroll with me.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

to my C...

C is generally a birthday grouch, but I hope this retro scantily clad lady will bring a smile to his lips.

Happy birthday my love. This day is a most special day to me as I know it brought you into this world and therefore into my life. You deserve the best of life and the best of birthdays.
So here is to another birthday, life keeps getting better so lets celebrate.

almost brougt to tears...

When I went to Chelsea yesterday my hopes where not high.
The last few times I took the time to visit it hardly seemed worth it.
Yet the first gallery I saw had my mouth to the ground- I will share that tomorrow.
and within a few more I had tears in my eyes.

The new show at Galerie Lelong of new work by Petah Coyne was breathtaking, heartbreaking, and full of life and death.
I am hesitant to show the images of the work as they do not translate even in the slightest, partly because there large scale must be experienced, partly because the detail and texture is completely lost in the photographs, and partly because Galerie Lelong desperately needs to hire a better photographer.
So if you are in NY GO SEE THIS SHOW, please do not miss it.
And if you are not, I hope you can at least imagine its beauty from these images.

The texture of the masses of wax dipped flowers, with densely molded and folded black velvet were like organisms of the earth, both housing and birthing and drowning and dissolving animals under their weight and into their folds.

From the press release:

in Vermilion Fog, an exhibition divided into two parts--Dante's Inferno and Unforgiven, allusions to literature and film that loosely frame the works by themes of loss, chaos, and redemption. Vermilion Fog is a monumental exhibition for the artist known for her use of diverse materials in large works whose grace and fragility belie their immense weight and arduous process.

The gates of flowers she created to block the viewer from Unforgiven.

to give you a little bit of sense toward the amazing texture of the wax dipped flowers, but still you cannot get any sense without seeing it in person.

Other work by Petah-

today begins.

Today begins with a heavy quiet and warm light.
As I eat my morning meal and prepare for a cold walk to yoga I plan my day.

I am excited to use all the film I bought yesterday...
to work on the 2 new series in my mind.
Neither of them specifically having to do with light for a change but inevitably they will.

Cannot decide if I should suck it up and finish updating my website.
Which has been one disaster after another this week. Seriously curse words have been cursed and tears shed.
Or escape into my yarn and thread and not think about it until tomorrow, but at the same time think about it all day?

stay warm wherever you are.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

off to work.

or not really. Off to Chelsea today.
Hoping to have see great work to share with you.
And looking forward to seeing this.

looking for some inpiration.

Studio work is going well.
I am almost done with the above piece...
It is just missing something and I am not sure what it is yet.
So for now I am just looking and thinking in hopes of finding it.

The leftovers of comforts piece got its last word embroidered on.
Now for construction.
I have no idea how I am going to build the shape I want on the wall.
But somehow I will figure it out.

And I am desperate to go to a great crafts store that is not astronomically over priced, like all the stores in NY- just to walk around, get some new tools, and get my brain working new.
If you have a Micheal's or Jo-Anne's feel grateful

Monday, November 17, 2008

there is light in this shadow.

and there is shadow in this light.

... not looking for inspiration today... just wanting to sit and observe this moment.

and desiring to see something within it.