Thursday, February 28, 2008

we-inspiring moon

There are times,
to celebrate yourself
You ... are the hair-raising, we-inspiring
search your living room?
His teddy bear, crushed by the farmhouse.
He smiles from SPACE.
He fell asleep from a location...
in your little star.
You are shaken?
You are still clinging.
You are... at Home.
a poem I wrote last year...thought I would share.

an artist with crochet

Green Birds
Flesh Spot
I found the amazing artist Emily B.(all images above are her work) through a new blog find, bugheart.
And I cannot even put into words how much I love Emily's crochet "hive" pieces.
They are so beautiful in there organic and other-worldly feel.
and the colors are gorgeous.
Her embroideries are lovely as well but I just cannot get over the crochet work.
She also has a great little blog.
I am so inspired and she is in my neck of the woods.
Enjoy Perusing.

polka dot love.

So I bought this new dress at Jcrew (sorry C)...Supersale.
I have been wanting it for ages and finally could afford it...
and I cannot wait to have the right moment to get all girlied out.
Hmmm.  I have a big opening next week in Boston?


So I am in Mass. again for a few days and...
I feel a bit sad that I cannot feel more content when I am here, because the light in my little tiny empty apartment is just so beautiful.
When I wake up it just rakes across the room and the table in the kitchen. Which I see from my bed.  
Not to say the light in my NYC apartment is not great, actually that was part of what sold us on it. 
But the light is more confined, its a railroad apartment so you can imagine.
I am a true lover of light, it is what made me study photography and I am always watching it in my life.
Anyway... sometimes I wish I could be happier when I am here.  
But being with my husband for 9 years and my 3 cats for 7...I just do not feel home without them.
It is strange and beautiful when home becomes another being and not a place.
But I guess even as a child this is the case... my mom and dad will always feel like one of the safest places.
What makes you feel home?

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Talk about crossstitch

I found out about this fascinating artist via forty sixth and grace  .  
And am so glad Maggie  posted about it.  I love some of the work so much.
I particularly love the eggs in the pan, such an everyday moment in an everyday way, yet it becomes extraordinary.
Yes, I think there is embroidery on the egg, oh my goodness.
Do you think that the metal is being pierced to embroider in it? 
Either way artist Sevirija has some interesting stuff going on.....

In the hoop...

So here is my presentation for my big embroidery.  I have to say I am really happy with it.
When I finally interpreted the very strange directions on how to construct the standing hoop and figured out how to work it I was so happy with the  result.  
To me it really keeps the piece active, when it is hung on the wall it seems more stagnate.  
This is not how I will present the 2nd embroidery, I am still trying to figure out how to deal with that one.  
But I am super excited because I have found the right image to make a new one so hopefully by next week I will be started on that one.  
I really want to do one on this amazing old table cloth I found but I am still waiting on the photograph to inspire it...
What do you think of it in the hoop.

Anne's Sweetheart.

See article on Anne Franks childhood sweetheart.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Lessons from LB

So today I am giving you an observation from one of my inspirations Louise Bourgeois.
She is  amazing in that; she in unabashadly honest, incapable of not being herself, is one of the most important and influential living female artists, she has been an important figure for over 50 years but was essentially unknown until she was in her mid 40's, she is still making relevant work at 95 years old, and she did all this while raising a family!!!
I figure someone that amazing is always worth listening to. 

If you do not have the book Drawings and Observations you must go buy it immediately, it is a must in the home or studio of any creative woman.  (all of you)

This is  Untitled, 1950

Surprisingly enough, since I come from a family of tapestry weavers, I am interested in whether you have one thread or two threads.  
When I was little my mother would show me something  in a tapestry, suddenly there was a knot. 
Usually knots happen to people who are lazy, because they don't want to rethread the needle too often.  Plain laziness.  So they get a thread that is much too long.  Now if a thread is too long it's going to get into a knot, and I loved  to undo the knots.  
I spent a long time-- even today-- undoing a knot.  I was so patient because it represented an activity that was symbolic, that I was able to undo something that was a problem: it was within my competence.  But for that you have to know whether you have two threads or one thread...
For me the knot is a problem that you have to understand to erase.  People fight with each other, but if you are clever and patient enough you can undo the trouble.  I am not very gifted in that chapter, but I try.  I do not [always] untie my knots in my real life, in my relations with people.  But I can do it with a thread of silk , or rope.  

One of the many things I have learned from LB.   I no longer ever use a string that is too long. But if I get a knot I embrace the power and time of undoing it.
So hopefully if you get knots today you can slow down and have the patience to undo them and feel the gift of the undoing.
Thanks LB.

in the studio....

This week has been a great week to get my art out in the world.
I have just been accepted to another show and shipped work out to 2 and submitted to another.
So now I just have to figure out how to make money at this.
As the end of graduate school nears... amongst all my happy feelings about that I am also saddened and petrified about the loss of studio time that will come with it.
In the 3 years of being in school I have learned to truly love, appreciate and use my 5 days a week in the studio working and...
with no more student loans and reason I will soon have to join the ranks of the full-time employed...I am so afraid that I will no longer be able find time to make my work.  I know that I will deep down but the fear is definitely in me....
I have come so far and want to keep moving forward.  
How do you find time amongst job and family to do your passion?
ps. blogger and my computer are driving me nuts, like just upload my picture already!!!!

Monday, February 25, 2008

rub & scrub

I saw this antique embroidary at a B&B I stayed at over the summer, and LOVED it.
I love the hand, the image, the silliness of the statement.
Secretly, someday I want to recreate it for my own bathroom.
And since I NEED to clean my apartment this week it seemed appropriate.

Look: Our view.

So these images are from the show I curated, Look: Our View,  at the Student Gallery at UMASS, Amherst.
I mainly curated the show to showcase the incredible and interesting work the photo department and most importantly my students are doing.  Most of  the work is by Photo Undergrad's and all but 2 were my students in Photography at some point.
I think they did great and I am really happy they were able to show their work to the community.

Foreground image: Mike Childress, A photograph of a photograph...
Background images: Hana Skirkey, Fern and Light

Zachary Repko, Elizabeth Unterman (Colleague), Mallorie Ekstrom

        Julie Testa, Still Life: Dark Eyed Junko

     Jenna Saraco, Untitled


     Jessica Rich, Love Lost

     Mallorie Ekstrom, Bedtime Magic

Zachary Repko, Samuel Repko

And I inlcuded a little piece as well.  It is polaroids taken of were I slept in my bed each day for a bit over a week.  
And written on the polaroid is the date, time, and a reflection on waking. 
Such as "I am alone"  or "C is sleeping in, I wish I was"
The photos of it do not look so great but you get the idea.  Maybe I will scan them and post them again in the future.

                  In Bed...
Also in the show Raisa Sandstrom, Jenna Faden, Ryan Feeney, and Justin Kemp.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Slow Sunday

Today began and has returned to relaxing in bed.
Brunch at the great Stan's Place, beignets bought and eaten.
and a walk around its neighborhood fit in between the bed times.
I am thinking cheesey movie, pillows, and sleeping cats for the rest of the day.
Sound like a good sunday.....

These paintings by artist Cherith Lundin feel like a slow sunday to me. 
 I found them via a comment over at Aesthetic Outburst.  
I truly love them and am inspired by them and...
really want to own one, so I can look at it everyday.
Maybe I can get it as a present someday?

Saturday, February 23, 2008

...a wonderful moment.


Breathing in, 
I know I am breathing in.
Breathing out, 
I know.
As the in-breath grows deep, the out-breathe grows slow.
Breathing in makes me calm.  
Breathing out makes me ease.
With the in-breathe, I smile.
With the out-breathe, I release.
Breathing in, there is only the present moment.
Breathing out, it is a wonderful moment.

Thich Nhat Hanh

To you having a wonderful moment.

After the storm...

So after my strange and challenging week, it ended up having a lovely end.

Thursday and Friday I finally got plenty of quality time in the studio.  
I just love being in my space so much, it feels like being home.

I look forward to finally getting a space in NYC but I will surely miss my moldy basement space in Ma.
So I was glad that we had some studio time together and it turned so positive.
My friend Liz recently asked about "work space"
So here are a few snowed in shots of mine.

For me, my work space has to feel comfortable and homey.
I always have lamps, plants, rugs, and a good lounging chair.
I try to stay organized but usually end up with lots of small piles of notes, books, fabric, thread, and photographs.  Organization and my creative process just do not go hand in hand.

I also had a great few hours in the darkroom and was loving some of the images I got.
The darkroom never gets old, even after 12 years.
It is so exciting to get the beautiful rich image out of the processor, and see what you have. 
I do not care what people say... you just cannot beat an old fashioned c-print.
Here is a peek of some images, but I also printed my images for Mollie and the Morning Rituals exchange, so we will keep those for later so she can be surprised.

What are your favorite things about your space and/or process?

Enjoy a lazy weekend if you can.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

New works...

Here is a peek at my newest embroidery.  It has changed just a bit since this was taken but you get the picture.  It of course will be ironed once presented.

and here is the piece that is in the show at AIR Gallery.  It is a fundraising event and has ALOT of work in it so if you are around check it out.
I have also resolved the presentation issues of how to show my earlier embroidary.  And love the result.   I will post about that soon.

     photograph by Pia Jane Bijkerk
and a huge thanks to Pia at Enhance the Everyday for featuring me on her Tuesday Finds post at her beautiful blog.  She was so gracious in her description and I  love the new people it has brought to me.  Pia has an inspiring blog with gorgeous photographs, as seen above.
Thanks Pia


image from old photo

Hey all, I am working on this piece that I am really excited about.
But... I need more names of female artists who have children.
If you know of any please send names my way.  

These can be famous or not famous artists.  Maybe even yourself.
My only criteria be that they are or were committed artists for most of their life.
I am looking specifically for fine artists.  
I am not including craft artists, commercial artists, designers, or musicians for the concept of the piece. Sorry

Any help is much appreciated, please give last and first names.
In May the piece will be realized and I will share with all of you.

So today...

So too bad, but today has made yesterday look lovely...oh how you don't know what you have until it is gone.

Today began with no hot water, aka no shower, in my apartment.

and then moved on to a non starting car...

so I had to spend 2 hours getting it fixed, waiting....

and then an incorrectly cut piece of plexi-glass for a piece that I had to ship today...
and then ups charging me $120 to ship said piece!!!!

So I am happy to have all that over with.
Cried a little bit.
Finally had breakfast at 2:30.
now I can sit down turn some good music on and embroider in my studio.
I thought I would have gotten to this moment around 10:30 or so this morning 
but, hey, life gives you the unexpected.

and can someone get me a drink!!!

Hope you are all having a better one.

All images found at the amazing archive Square America

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Back and Forth

Back and forth, back and forth, now in Mass. again.
I have to say I am a bit exhausted.  
Running from one place to the next all day long.
and still getting over a lingering cough...

I wish I had the time to just sit and contemplate the sunlight and shadows.

I bet some of you can empathize with that thought... 
Lets try to remember to take a moment to breathe today... Inhale, Exhale...

Inspiring speaker

So as I mentioned yesterday, I went to a lecture by artist Janine Antoni last night. 
She was an amazing and inspiring speaker to say the least.
I felt  privileged to hear her speak and hear her "defend" aspects of her work.

A few quotes that really stood out to me...

In reference to the piece above and another piece in which she learned to tightrope she says:

...balance is a state we pass through in our imbalance.

a Bahamian proverb her mother use to say to her as a child:

Go out and see this world
because this place we come from
is behind God's Back.

and in reference to a question asking if she was objectifying her (female) body
by using it, and at times using it nude:

She quotes Carolee Shneeman, this may not be verbatim:

I didn't appear naked in my work because I wanted to be fucked...
I did it so other women could be embodied, and recognize themselves.

I truly love all these quotes and loved the lecture and encourage everyone to spend some time researching Janine Antoni's work. 

images from PBS art 21

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sunshine come my way again...

So lovely to have sunshine pouring into my kitchen again.
Oh how I have missed her? or him? (what do you think)

I am lucky because I am on the top floor and there is a small yard behind our building so...
we get lovely sunshine, even in Brooklyn.
I cannot wait to have all the windows open, my feet barefoot, and tomatoes that taste good!!

It was so warm yesterday that my husband and I actually could take a nice walk without rushing or scrunching our shoulders.  Today not as warm but lovely sun!!!

Our house is a little miserable because I am getting over being sick and my husband is sick (aka being a BIG BABY, even if he is cute.)  So anything to make our day brighter.

A really nice spring post at blue yonder.
Excited to have won a mixed cd from this sweet family blog, I love a good cd any day!! thanks