Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Armored with love.

As mentioned before I was delighted to hear that I got into the spring group show at Brenda Taylor Gallery in Chelsea. And besides that I am very excited to be in the show I am very excited to get introduced to the space- Because there next show which opens May 14th is awesome!!!!!.
The Love Armor Project is a collaborative project envisioned by artist Shirley Klinghoffer and facilitated by Shirley and Sarah Hewitt- along with over 70 other artists across the country.

A hand knit cozy originally created to hug a Humvee, both accepting and succeeding at the challenge of turning a symbol or war into a sign of peace. The press release states:
On September 11th, in a Community Ceremony, the Humvee was brought home by the National Guard; and the cozy was transferred, with reverence and care, to an armature –where it floated as a symbol of peace and hope. We see this as the beginning of a journey for the Love Armor project to be shown in venues around the country.

Shirley's personal statement says:
My artwork is very personal. It addresses life situations, universal concerns, some of which hit close to home... Provocative elements, dark humor, and machinery to create movement have surfaced in my recent sculpture - in addition to my core use of visual puns and irony.

And indeed this is a subject very close to all our homes and hearts.

We can see how she developed into this project and as you observe the images of Love Armors creation and installation, you cannot help but feel a little more hopeful for a world of peace.

Lets Hope.


Knit - R - Done said...

I have a husband in the military stationed overseas this year. Thanks for sharing this. It really struck me.

Joetta said...

I am so glad that you enjoyed the post. It is a very powerful and moving project and image. Thank you to both you and your husband.
Best to both of you.