Wednesday, December 30, 2009

animal pelts.

Some more animal pelts that I can get behind are made by the fabulous and young hook rug artist, Morgan Milders.
Much like the amazing knit work of Ruth Marshall, Morgan hooks her fur from yarn to protest mindless hunting and truly honor the beauty of an animals skin.


in process.

Morgan states:
Some households are decorated with trophies from hunting. I don't believe these hunters truly own their pelts, like I own mine. The fur still belongs to the animal ... With my pelts, I have recreated an animal fur, with no killing involved. The pelts juxtapose a traditionally male sport of hunting with a traditionally female craft of latch hooking, creating an equally masculine and feminine result.

I find the beauty and craftsmanship of Morgan's work powerful. As a very young artist just finishing her bachelors I cannot wait to see were Morgan's work goes next.


F A W said...

hello joetta, i have been admiring your work for awhile on etsy and can't tell you how inspiring it is. emotional, raw and breathtaking in it's simplicity it is. you articulate a moment in such a deliberate and delicate way. it is impressive what you capture. thank you. i have taken up the needle because of you and was so relieved to hear you say that some stitches are so time consuming. they are, and i was feeling like i should just chuck my whole project, and start with a quicker stitch. i appreciate you and wish you an expansive new year.

Joetta M. said...

Thank you so much for you incredibly generous comment. I am delighted to have inspired another needle lover- and yes some stitches take FOREVER.
I made the "mistake" of deciding to do an entire project in seed stitch- that was SO time consuming- but in the end it always seems worth it.
Keep stitching and please send an image of your work- I would love to see it.

Leililaloo said...

Happy newyear!

Joetta M. said...

i thought it was quite brilliant myself, glad you liked it too:)