Wednesday, December 30, 2009

did you see me in martha?

Yes, there I am in Martha Stewart Living, my work I mean.
Sadly I am uncredited:(

Nonetheless, I was very excited to find out that an image of my work at Lion Bran Yarn Studio is in the current January issue of Living. They wrote a very nice feature on the awesome Lion Brand studio and my installation was up during the photo shoot.
I was very sad that my name is not credited. But I will focus on the positive. I am in Martha!!!

And a huge thanks to Rebecca Ringquist who saw it and let me know. Otherwise I would have never known and missed out on seeing this exciting exposure. Thank You!!!!

p.s. if any one wants to write the editor and say how they should always credit artists be my guest. They really should know better. And we artist's have to stand up for each other.


Josephine said...

holy cow! that's huge, congrats!!! way to end the year on a high note!

Jeana Marie said...

congratulations! yes - they should credit you!

onesilentwinter said...

oh joetta- i have it and i knew it!! yes wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Letter SENT. See copy below! :)

To Whom it may Concern:

I discovered one of my favorite artist's (Joetta Maue) pieces ("Comforts") in your January issue of Martha Stewart Living, and was so thrilled for her...until I found no credits to her work! I am attaching a picture of the page on which her work appeared, being attached to the wall of the store in which you took a picture. I am just giving a gentle reminder to please have courtesy and awareness, when posting things in your magazine, that might include the works of another artist.

Here is a link of the exact work that was shown in your magazine, posted on her website:
I am certain she would greatly appreciate a note of credit in the next month's would I.

Thank you for your time,
Angela Riddle

Joetta M. said...

thanks so much ladies!!!
and oh my Angela thank you!!!! and what eloquence you wrote with:)

Valerie said...


I'm so sorry you were not credited. (I was also told that you would be mailed a copy!).

Lion Brand Yarn Studio gave the magazine you name and all your contact information, but unfortunately on these things we have very little control over what actually gets into the magazine. Lion Brand loves your work and we were so proud to have gotten a chance to display it.

Patty Lyons
Studio Director
Lion Brand Yarn Studio