Wednesday, December 2, 2009

wise blood.

Through a link on a friends web page I found the New York Artists Circe and with some searching found the art of LaThoriel Badenhausen. (what an awesome name!) Her work is simple, clever, and often times very beautiful.

She has an extensive series of work in which she embroiders and works with mixed media on sanitary napkins. Often using words to make both puns bit also cultural critiques. This body of work very much connects to the quote she has on her website toward Louise Lawler.

Silence from Souvenir Series
“Louise Lawler,....taught us long ago that context is all, that the meaning of art is dependent on the strategies of display and distribution within which it finds itself.”

LaThoriel also has done a surprisingly gorgeous installation piece of a collection of hair nets. Showing the different colors, textures, and qualities available. Perhaps commenting on race and ideals of beauty.

I particularly like the work from her series Souvenir. I would love a little statement towards this series to better guide me through interpreting the objects.

Always inspired by the fabulous stuff out there being done in fiber. See more of LaThoriel's work.

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