Monday, December 7, 2009

rings of fiber.

I love this piece by Harmony Hammond and it reminds me of a submission that I got for connective thread that is really great. I have often thought of making rugs in my own studio practice I like the idea of taking work to the floor. But it never has happened yet.

I have not researched Harmony much but her fiber works are definitely intriguing me and I would like to research her more. My plan is when the baby first comes to do some reading instead of studio time as I adjust....

This piece seems like a cross between 2 of my favorites kiki smith and lesley dill. Harmony is not a huge presence on the wed, especially considering her successful career.

and her website is not very useful in seeing her work or getting incite. So I have little to share about her. But I suppose it will encourage me to research her in a book form.

I am curious as the visual diversity of her work is significant.

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