Friday, December 18, 2009

getting ready...

So I am prepping for the holiday week, packing, cleaning, and tying up all my loose ends at home.
I am stopping into Ohio for a early baby shower with family before we head down to Asheville for the holiday.

And I will have 5 days of non top stitching in front of the fireplace. Well I hope I can stop and relax a little bit. We will see.
But miraculously things for connective thread are pretty much organized and the cards are ordered. The artists are all in touch. I finally feel a little but like I can breathe.

So I will be stitching and relaxing with family.
I may not stop in much next week but will try to give some updates on my piece.

The above picture is the amazingly adorable mobile that I VERY MUCH WANT to get at my shower. Mainly because it is the cutest thing ever. Made by Pink Perch.


Jeana Marie said...

hello :) I just found your lovely site after googling myself (what vanity - tehee!). But what an enjoyable find!

Enjoy Asheville - I lived in NC for a few years and still get homesick.

Joetta M. said...

Glad you found the little blog. Googling yourself is a requirment as an artist- you want as much buzz as possible right?

Asheville is quite lovely and oddly it was covered in snow!