Monday, October 11, 2010

7 years.

Today is my 7th wedding anniversary. I am one to always acknowledge that marriage is not an easy path but one that requires work and effort and committed love. C and I have been together for over 12 years and I can honestly say that I am still madly in love with him. I choose to love and accept that he is complicated, sometimes dark, often silly, at times inappropriate, dangerously handsome (at least I think so), insanely intelligent, loyal, a wonderful father, a challenging partner, and without a doubt the love of my life.

Sometimes I feel badly for people that have this romantic idealized view of marriage, because it simply is not that and by thinking it is you miss out on the actual pleasure of the journey of marriage and partnership. The dirty gritty part of being in love is often what makes you grow and evolve the most as a person and your love deepen and flourish.

I plan on celebrating anniversaries with C until the day I die even if it means sometimes having to work hard at it and being open to myself evolving, him evolving, and our love evolving. Because I have faith we will keep evolving for the better even if sometimes those growing pains hurt.

I love you my sweet man.


onesilentwinter said...

so beautiful joetta, love how you described marriage, i feel lucky to have the same.

happy anniversary to you and c.

littlewinterbride said...

really beautiful & touching. thanks for sharing, made me smile.

Kelly Darke said...

well said!
Happy Anniversary

cardinal arts said...

congratulations and happy anniversary
a lovely post about marriage

Joetta M. said...

thank you so much to all of you. I am glad that what I wrote spoke true to so many.

wencybag said...

Happy anniversary! May you have more wedding anniversary to come, and God will bless you and your partner,as you walk along his way.I wish i could give to you a gift of homemade fashioned recycled bag from Asia,an Eco-friendly bag which is very popular nowadays...Congratulations!