Tuesday, October 26, 2010

gravity take hold.

Someone at on point recommended that I look at the work of Christina Massey and I recently found her name in one of my notebooks as someone to look up. So I finally did.

Christina's work is generally made by deconstructing old paintings, drawings, and works and making them new again. Recently that has led her to a more and more sculptural form.

She describes the recent series (seen above):

Works are made from scraps of painted paper and canvas that has been twisted, tied and sewn together with raw canvas and cloth. Traditionally framed works from my Dead Painting series are literally “butchered” by being stabbed, cut and torn to create the three dimensional forms.

The Business and Pleasure series is based on a trip she took to South Africa after being laid off. She describes the series as:

Physically fragments of new and old, success and failure, business and pleasure these works are bits & pieces of my past and present, likes and dislikes, a merger of corporate requirements and the livelihood of being an Artist.

The textures in the series are gorgeous.

What attracts me most to her work is that though often made from paper and painted canvas it expresses the materiality of fabric. She lets gravity take hold and create form. In a recent drawing series she is literally re- weaving her work back together again.

and even starting to utilize actual fabric.

To see more and read more about Christina's work check out her website.

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