Wednesday, October 13, 2010

tear down.

Sorry about the lack of post yesterday but I was in the midst of the de-installing of Cutting Edge. And though I have to pop in for a few hours this morning to finish up- it went very smoothly. As always it is a little sad to see an exhibit come down but I think it was truly a fabulous exhibit and was extremely proud of it.

If you want a reminder of the show please visit my curatorial blog for images of the exhibit, individual works, and links to all the artists. Plenty of more features on the artists coming this way.

And another great opportunity is coming up at the Textile Arts Center. This call for work is for their January exhibit:

Curated by Scott Henstrand, a Brooklyn-based artist working conceptually in charcoal, wood, mirror, and most recently photography. The title of the exhibit is "Missing/Missed":

"We all have things we yearn for in the future and from the past. These things (lovers and pets and cars and mother and idea and …) drive us. They swirl around under the surface. We desire to capture and recapture the thing in memory or actuality. Most of the time we don't know exactly what any one thing is. We can't quite put our finger on the exact demand.

Artists are asked to submit the missing or missed piece, searching behind their memories and yearnings, for that thing, that created thing, that will bring it all together."

All Details here.

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