Wednesday, October 27, 2010

an indian summer to the dead of winter.

Guess how cold it was in Colorado where I am about to head for a residency? Oh yeah, 19 degrees!!! While here in NYC it has been 65-70 for the last few days. Granted I know that we are just getting our last bit of warmth in a wonderful Indian summer moment and granted that when I looked at Breckenridge will be in the low 40's next week. It still is nuts.

Nonetheless I am so excited to head out- looking forward to a month of no classes, no social engagements, no traffic, no noisy city, and just time to work and be with my family. Since there is no TV we will get to spend significantly more quality time together. Which will be refreshing and will allow me to get a ton of work & reading done, I hope.

Then we just get to come right back into our wonderful Brooklyn community.

Above is a new text piece I recently finished, still needs washed and pressed.

And here is my work featured at the fabulous Secret Lives of the Unemployed. My work fit in perfect to represent the main character Lucy.

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