Monday, October 4, 2010

rubber banded baubles.

So generally it would not be like me, as a curator, to curate jewelry into a show of mine- but when Margarita Mileva submitted her truly fabulous rubber band jewelry to Cutting Edge...

I just could not deny it. And when I got to see it in person it was even more fabulous. Margarita's background is architecture and when she began to create jewelry she was inspired by the ever present materials of the office such as paper clips, business cards, and spiral notebook bindings.

I am a girl always after a great new bauble and Margarita's work is the perfect fit for me and my style.

When the Textile Arts Center ladies mentioned that she had recently finished a Rubber band dress I just had to see it... and it was equally fabulous and a colorful, playful edition to the show. Margarita co-created this dress with her daughter Iva.

Margarita has had a vast number of write ups for her jewelry design and been a featured artist at a number of design shows. Here is a recent interview with her and a feature. If you want a Margarita original of your own, I know I do, you can get them at her etsy shop or check out her website here.


Ansie said...

I really like what she is doing, but I have to ask: Does rubberbands really qualify as textiles?
If I had to choose artwork for a textile show, I would probably not have chosen this...

I suppose that's why I am not a curator :-)

Joetta M. said...

Actually this specific call for work was open to work actually made with fiber and work that was using fiber techniques with alternative materials. She is crocheting with the rubber bands in a lot of her work.

But in general as a curator I tend to push the boundaries of the idea of what "Fibers" means. Of course not all curators do this.


Sonya said...

Her work is amazing. Intriguing stuff.