Monday, October 18, 2010

sigh of...

So sorry for my no post Friday but I went straight from teaching to the studio and the studio is now a "no computer" zone now so that I can focus better. life has been going really good. I am pretty much done with the mama baby image just one last piece to applique on. Pictures very soon.
I started my large pregnancy portrait- which my direction with the stitching is a little different for me which makes me both nervous- will I like it?- and excited- as I always love trying new things.
and... I started a new text piece that I am happy about and have another on the back burner so the artist me is merging from mama hood. Sigh of relief.

I am really looking forward to Colorado as I can work on at least 2 works from the new series. I will remind you of the picture they are based in once we get moving on them.

Here is an interesting perspective on balancing the creative and the mama from photographer Madeline Bea.

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