Wednesday, October 27, 2010

the quilt where you live.

I am loving the simplicity of the Soft-Maps that Designer Emily Fischer creates. Her quilts are straightforward stitched maps of neighborhoods and cities around the world.

She include main street names and important places...

Detail of Central Park

You can get one that is specific to your neighborhood.

Park Slope, Brooklyn

or maybe follow your past.... where I use to live:


Where my parents lived for years:


Where I live now.

Where I will maybe live someday?


She describes the work that comes out of her design firm Haptic as:

"Haptic" refers to the sense of touch that includes the entire body, inside and out; it is also the mechanism we employ to situate our bodies in space, feeling the world around us. Haptic designs counter the rapid digitization of our lives by privileging the real, physical world our bodies occupy. Like a cane that safely guides someone down the sidewalk, haptic projects serve as tools for sensation.

I love art that you can truly use in your every day.

See more of Emily's quilts and her other projects here.


cynthia said...

Amazing and so much work!!! Thanks for sharing these with us!

Joetta M. said...

i know so great right?