Monday, October 25, 2010

intuition and some coming quiet.

Like I said yesterday I had a studio visit on Friday and it was great to show my work and talk about it with another curator. It made me feel very good about the arc and direction that my work has taken and have faith in my process.

In my newest piece I am working a little different then I normally do and it has been making me quite nervous but after our visit I feel like I should continue to follow my intuition as I normally do.

This Friday we leave for my residency in Colorado and I am very excited, to have so much time and space to make work and live a simpler life. I LOVE living in NYC but it can get quite exhausting and overwhelming at times so the entire family looks forward to fresh air, new sites, and a quiet life for a little bit.
...and since we sublet our apt. we don't have to worry about the kitties as they will be well cared for.

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