Wednesday, October 13, 2010

suffocated nurture.

One of my favorite pieces in Cutting Edge was Mallory Feltz's piece, Seven Houses, never at home, which consisted of 7 small house shapes wrapped in yarn. The piece has a simplicity and minimalism that is aesthetically very pleasing but also carries a weight and emotional power. The shape of the home, wrapped, muted, and blinded by the yarn.

The details show how lovely it was. Her work explores the role of collection in our memories, rituals, homes, and relationships. Her act of wrapping both nurtures and protects the object while simultaneously suffocating it.

Reconnecting thought combines white pillow utensils and metal utensils together in an interesting sculpture.

I love the smooshed, boxed stuff animals. The sense of color is fun and playful, and the shapes of the animals is somehow kept even as they are confined to the small boxes. Tortured but not scary. And interesting piece that I wish I knew more about.

...conversations of a tea set.

another piece referencing the precarious nature of the home with wrapped domestic objects. I love the web created from the strings wrapping the objects together.

See more of her work here.

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