Friday, January 20, 2012

back to the studio.

I was in the sick bed all day yesterday, literally did not move most of the day. But today I feel MUCH better and look forward to getting started on the piece above. I have had it drawn out for a week or 2 but was focused on finishing the 2 text pieces in the works. They are now done and this can get started. I am looking forward to the diversity of stitches in contrast to the constant satin stitches of the text work. Sometimes the repetition is comforting and then other times it is mind boggling boring- the best reason to have opposite ways of working in my studio.
Though I still have SO much work to do for my solo show I do feel good about how much progress I have made the past month and do feel like things are steadily moving along.

Fingers crossed they stay that way. Next week I start a new babysitting trade which means extended time in the studio by myself too. Need I say YAY! I need it.

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