Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I finished this over the weekend, it happened very suddenly. I was working slowly, quietly, and then all of a sudden I looked down and I was done. It still needs washed, ironed, and properly photographed but it is done.
I am happy with it.
As I said before I started this quite a while ago maybe in the spring... then I got distracted by my solo show this summer, then I felt ambiguous about some color choices and the work in general...but with my upcoming solo show it felt like it would really fit in and so done.

The thing about the upcoming show is that I want it to be about the moment in a relationship where you feel disconnected - like 2 ships passing or maybe even 2 ships violently crashing- but I also want it to allude to how you get through it, that you can get through it, that reconnection can occur. So along with some of the heavier emotional pieces I also want pieces that have hope and love in them. This piece felt like it could be one of those?


greenmv said...

This is really beautiful. Thank you.

Joetta M. said...

thank you. very much:)