Tuesday, January 10, 2012

permission to sit.

I did not actually get that much stitching done yesterday but I did get reminded that sometimes it is ok to just sit and do nothing.
I fiddled in my studio for an hour or so and then I just sat there. I remember when I was in graduate school and before T doing a lot of that, just sitting. Actually a moment of just sitting led me to make my first image based embroidery. With the luxury of being in my studio full time I had plenty of time to just sit and look, peruse my books, flip through old notebooks, or just gaze out the window. Now because each day the hours in my studio are so precious I feel like I always must be working, stitching, active at my work. But sometimes exactly what you need is to NOT be active to just be with your work, in your space. Sit.

The above are my newest piece to get started. The images are smaller than life size, maybe the male is 3.5-4 ft in height here. Both figures are on the same linen but with significant negative space between them. They will be stitched in black and grays. Not sure if a pop of color or something will be added. I LOVE his feet and legs, maybe because it is such a regular posture of my always reading husband. But in some ways I want to do a large piece of just that. Hopefully I will start stitching on it soon.

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