Friday, January 6, 2012

hair pull.

oh my I am at a moment of wanting to pull my hair out.

I have taken on 2 projects that are totally out of my comfort zone and I am sort of freaking. I, of course, as an artist, designer, writer always want to be pushing myself in new directions and challenges. But with so many new things at the same time and the need to make my own work for my exhibits I am also a little freakin.'

With new things it is always a matter of will I do a good job? Will the way I think about and approach things be what the person who asked me to do it want? Will this work represent me as an artist in the best light? Am I covering myself business wise? So many unknown questions which is part of why it is wonderful and part of why my hands keep creeping up by my hair (just joking.)

Anyway, positive vibes, positive vibes.

1 comment:

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