Tuesday, January 31, 2012

a halt to normal?

I have been pretty absent the last week as you know due to feeling like crapola. But it seems that maybe finally, fingers crossed I am feeling better. It has been so frustrating being sick, as it is for everyone--- I had all my progress in life, work, and home put to a startling halt. I have literally not touched a piece of work, done yoga, or ate with any vigor for 5 days and my house is in the "omg we were to sick to do anything and now it looks like a tornado went through" state.
So today I am attempting a no pressure strategy of just step by step finding some order so come tomorrow hopefully things can get back to an almost normal state of order and productivity.
Fingers crossed.

Luckily my wellness turned around for just enough time for me to go to the city for the weekend and I had a very good and hopefully fruitful meeting Friday, saw TONS of art to share with all of you, and got pictures of the shop that I will be curating an early summer show for. So lots to share over the next week stay tuned.

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